Calling all Bloggers

I have some questions about blogging and what you think is important.

1. How important are comments to you? Are you disappointed when you post and you have no comments? 
2. Blog readers, why do you or don’t you comment on a blog post? I have friends who tell me they loved my post but they don’t leave a comment. I bet the non-commentators will not commentate on this…hehe!
3. Do you even care if anyone visits your blog? Is your blog for your own personal satisfaction or are you trying to bring a message or a product to someone?
4. Do you think music helps or hurts traffic to your blog? I seem to have a lot of silent listeners at my blog…friends who come to use my blog’s music as the background for their work. I am thrilled by that but am curious as to how many others don’t come back because of the music. I don’t know of any way to tell. I do know that a playlist can make it longer for a blog to load and if you have a slower computer it might be discouraging to some. What do you think?  I don’t think I will remove my music even if it does hurt traffic because music is a huge part of my life.
5. Why do you have your blog? 
My blog serves four main purposes for me: 1. To showcase my photographs and artwork and promote my Etsy shops. 2. To share my thoughts about God, Living, Art and Photography for anyone who cares to read them. 3. To promote my friends, associates and teammates who have shops online. 4. To help me keep my sanity by getting my thoughts down…even if I end up not publishing them…which happens quite a bit actually!
Just curious that’s all! Thanks for any and all comments!

7 thoughts on “Calling all Bloggers

  1. 1. How important are comments to you? Are you disappointed when you post and you have no comments? VERY Important. Yes I do get disappointed when no one comments. I feel like I wasted my time and no one read it. And it gives me feedback as to what my readers like to read about.

    2. Blog readers, why do you or don't you comment on a blog post? I usually post a comment, unless I'm in a huge hurry to get offline.

    3. Do you even care if anyone visits your blog? Is your blog for your own personal satisfaction or are you trying to bring a message or a product to someone? I do care if people visit. Sometimes I post for my own satisfaction and other times I post because I want to feature an artist or bring a message to others.

    4. Do you think music helps or hurts traffic to your blog? I don't have music, I don't know.

    5. Why do you have your blog? I started it as a way to get business and traffic to my Etsy shop. Then it evolved into part business/part personal.. when my mom was ill and all of my Etsy friends wanted updates, I would post them on the blog.


  2. OK, I'll give it a go . . .

    Of course I love comments. Always nice to know that someone took the time, but I expect that I only get one comment per maybe 25-50 views if I match it up to what my hits counter says. Some types of posts get more than others. Since I link to my posts from a forum thread or Facebook sometimes people leave the comments there instead.

    Frequently, it's difficult or impossible to leave comments because of blog glitchiness. I think this discourages people from even trying to leave them in general especially if their computer time is limited. And they know they'll probably have to type in those dumb words. I took them off my blog and just keep an eye out for spam and then set it to moderate comments that are more than a few days old.

    I have a pet peeve about music that starts playing automatically (yours doesn't so it's no problem). I don't always like everyone's choices and if I worked in an office with others and was checking out a blog on my break, I wouldn't want the music to start up and disturb others who were working. As it is, I've had it wake up my son and have him crawl out of bed to come see what was happening.

    Hope this was somewhat helpful.

    God Bless, Sue


  3. I'm getting better at blogging but still have a lot to learn. Here's how I would answer your questions:
    1. Comments are VERY important to me. I guess it helps bolster my ego when people take the time to read and comment. I don't like doing a blog post and receiving no comments. 😦
    2. Since I know how important comments are to me, I try to leave comments on other blogs whenever possible (of course that meands I'm WAAAAY behind on reading the blogs I follow)
    3. While I do get personal satisfaction from my posts, I want to have other's come visit my blog, too.
    4. I don't have music on mine, so can't really comment on this (I usually have my computer speakers turned off, anyway).
    5. I blog to: A) share about me and my life so that others can get to know me better. B) promote my own shop and the shops of other fellow etsians. C) build a network of friends.

    I like the way you have your blog set up. It is very fresh, clean and colorful! I also checked out your shop. You've got some beautiful pictures! I especially like the “Light into Darkness” photo.


  4. Comments are very important to me. I love reading them and I try to comment on others' as well. I have a counter on my blog and I check it all the time to see how many visitors I have had after a particular post. I love the music on your blog! But, I have noticed that when there is music it slows the loading time. I started my blog to promote my online stores mostly, but, also want it to be a blessing. I love to post special worship music I have found on youtube. But, if you've seen my blog, you will realize that I mostly post about my pets. Tinkerbelle is a therapy dog and I love to tell her stories.
    :o) button


  5. A great post !! I think everyone loves it when someone leaves a comment ! I try my hardest to leave a comment if I visit a blog , sometimes if Iam in a hurry I leave & then forget ( that's not good ) . I love it when someone leaves a comment , I dont think my blog is probably that interesting , I post about things I create & promote my Etsy & Lollishop shops ,or what is going on somewhat in my life!I love being able to network with others that love to create ! I am not too crazy about music on sites as I have my own , and have to find the pause button first before I can read !You have some of my favorite's in your music… DC Talk, Casting Crowns , ect !!
    Have a blessed day !
    The Little Things


  6. Comments: It used to bother me when no one commented so I reassessed my priorities. Why am I blogging? Do I need a pat on the back from others to do what I do? I definitely LIKE comments and am happy to get them but have let go of having my bloggy confidence dependent on them.

    Why I comment or not: I am usually trying to move along quickly. I have loved and bookmarked posts that I didn't comment on simply because of lack of time or because I couldn't think of anything to say. Mostly a time factor.

    Do I care if people visit? Part of me does. I don't care as much as I used to. It's helpful to consider things like the quote you have in your sidebar from Phil.2:3. Am I doing this to sell myself? A product? Do I care too much if people like me? Is my self-promotion legitimate (business-oriented)? Am I writing for God or for my own glory? It's important for me to stay honest about these things. I am trying to decrease so that He can increase (as Scripture says)…so is my blogging consistent with that goal?

    Music: I love music on my blog but have been told that it irritates people. I have gone back and forth and finally took my Playlist off out of consideration for those who might be taking a break at work or somewhere where they won't really appreciate unexpected music. My computer is in my living room and I confess that I love a blog (like yours) with good music:).

    Why do I have my blog? That's changed over time. I originally started it to promote my Etsy shop. I backed off that goal as my priorities changed and I realized that self-promotion was not incredibly compatible with my personal goals. So, it ceased to be a business venture and I began to use it to explore my own honest interests and thoughts. I love the blogging community and support and resources that come from the involvement.

    Thanks for asking! Your blog is always lovely and I am sorry I don't comment more when I probably should:)


  7. Hi-good post…I'll answer one of your questions-I have blogged to share my beliefs and to get my business out there, and to make friends. I love sharing my photographs….I like music on blogs-doesn't matter if my taste is different-somehow the music really goes with the pictures and the reading-it makes a nice mix. Yes-it does bother me when people don't comment, but I don't have a blog counter any more, so I have no idea how much it's being visited. Oops-guess I answered more than one question!~Debra


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