Beautiful Blogger Award

My dear husband let me sleep in this morning because I was up late last night with pain in my neck. So I missed church and it’s Palm Sunday!  :  (
To be honest I was sitting here all pouty and in pain feeling sorry for myself when I noticed that I had a new comment on my blog.  It was from Trish of Jewels by Trish letting me know that she selected me as one of 7 bloggers for this Beautiful Bloggers award!  How sweet of you Trish and just when I needed it the most. It perked me right up and got me right off that pity pot!  Pretty, isn’t it?

So now I have to tell you 7 things about me, which I think will be hard to do.
Then choose 7 beautiful bloggers to pass this to, which I think will also be hard to do.

About me:

1. I am a retired corporate executive and retired poultry farmer. Strange combination, I know. 
2. I am a painter and photographer who occasionally makes art. 
3. I am a voracious reader and with rare exceptions, shop for my books at used book stores because I would be completely poor if I paid retail or even discount prices for new ones.  
4. I  love to study the Bible and have many different translations, dictionaries and concordances. 
5. I love to sing but do not sing in public places, other than in the congregation at church (where I pretend no one can hear me) and in my car which really doesn’t count as public because it is after all, my car.  I love to sing so much that my spouse gave me a karaoke machine for Christmas. I think he was already kicking himself for it on the day after Christmas! hehe
6. I have a good sense of humor and I believe that God has a sense of humor too because he made the platypus.  Who can look at a platypus without laughing?
7. I sold my first painting at age 15. It was a high school art exhibit and one of the teachers bought it. I was very pleased indeed. It was a yellow sky and yellow ocean with a blue sail boat. Took me all of 15 minutes to paint. My other painting in the exhibit was a landscape. It took me weeks to paint it and get it perfect. It went unsold and was later painted over.  I learned a good lesson from that art exhibit: Art  is about expressing the joy that we see in God’s creation, not trying to duplicate it. 
Now for my Beautiful Blogger picks:
BTW, I like this particular award because it is called Beautiful Blogger instead of Blog. To me this means that I should choose blogs that are beautiful for their content even more than for their appearance, although both are true with the blogs I have chosen.

1. Stephanie at Honor Crowned Creativity
2. Jocelyn at NewCreatioNZ
3. Debra at Sparrowgrass
4. Jeanette at Wordz Of Life
5. Jackie at Christie Cottage 
6. Anastasia at Matt’s Crafty Wife
7. Helen at Helen’s Corner Blog

Now Beautiful Bloggers, if you accept this award and I hope you do, please post it on your blog and list 7 things about yourself and choose 7 beautiful bloggers of your own. It is also a nice thing to link back to the blog giving you the award and to also add the links for each of your picks for the award.

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