Fighting is Sometimes the Only Option

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I am ashamed to say that I got into a dreadful fight this weekend.  It is certainly not something that I intended to do and it’s certainly not something I enjoyed, or that I want to brag about but it had to happen sooner or later. I am not a violent person and don’t really relish confrontation of this sort, but there comes a time when you must take drastic measures for your sake and for the sake of those you love. I realize now that I never should have let her aggressive nature go unchecked, but I did and I finally had no choice at all except to take care of it, like it or not. It certainly didn’t help anything that she looked so beautiful when I confronted her about her needless aggression and unruly behavior. And yes,  it was premeditated and unfortunately it’s hard to say who came out the winner and who the loser…I guess you could say it was a draw. My arms have horrible scratches all over them and my neck is very painful. All the fighting and twisting did nothing to help my poor knee. My husband came to my rescue but it was a bit too late and he was wounded as well.  Even with all of our wounds, I am happy to report that  I was able to severely cut my opponent down to size and won’t be having any trouble with her for awhile. I hope you won’t think ill of me for resorting to such drastic measures…it is simply what must be done when you allow your cottage rose to grow to six plus feet in all directions. 

My only regret is I have no before and after photos, but trust me she is a mere shell of her former self and has been properly tamed. Perhaps after this bloodbath, I will force myself to keep her properly pruned, so that we don’t have to have a repeat performance. Happy gardening! 

8 thoughts on “Fighting is Sometimes the Only Option

  1. Ah… fabulous story! I figured you were going to write about a vicious cat in the yard… but the cottage rose is even better! Happy gardening, honey!


  2. You had me going there for a minute and then I started thinking maybe you were trying to tame a wild cat! Very funny and the end result is pretty too! Love Di ♥


  3. Vicki, you REALLY had me going…I thought it was going to be a cat…that you had to take to the vet…or some such event…but a cottage rose? I would NEVER have guessed!!! Too, too funny! You are amazingly witty, my dear friend…and what a storyteller!! Simply fabulous! And the roses are very, very beautiful! Love you so very, very much!! Janine XOXO


  4. I have to say I was with the rest of them, figured it was a cat that you were trimming the nails of. Great post and we all know with plants and with ourselves, if we allow them (or us) to get unruly… it can be a disaster!


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