Busy as a Bee

Wow, I can’t believe that it is already “late” June. Where does the time go? Especially, the warm months. I don’t mind if the winter months fly by but I sure wish the spring and summer would slow down, way down. My favorite part of the year and it seems that I am inside too many hours a day. Of course, when it’s 97 and the humidity is 50%, I should be happy to be inside...but it sure would be nice to spend one whole day, just floating in the pool.  
One of the things I’ve been working on is tweaking my blog a bit…no major changes, just updated to one of the newer designs and added a Graceful Moments Badge….Yes, you heard me right.  I now have a Graceful Moments badge that can be added to your very own blog. I would be so thrilled if you did!  I had to work hard to get it on it here. I am not that proficient with HTML, but coming from a long line of stubborn people who believe they should be able to do anything if they try…sometimes without instruction sheets…I stumbled my way through it. Finally, after much trial and error, I got all three components to come out in one block and it actually works…or at least it worked from my test blog.  If you should have any problems with it, please let me know. Fair warning though, if it’s not working now, it’s probably not ever going to work, ’cause I’ve run out of solutions!  If it does work and anyone needs help adding a button, I can now tell you how to do it as well as how you should not do it! LOL
I am going to add a weekly feature on Mondays called Sunday Leftovers. Nope, it’s not about what we ate for Sunday dinner but rather about what we were fed at church! Think of it as a doggie bag filled with the essence of Sunday’s message. I think it will help me digest the lesson more completely. It won’t be a rewrite of the sermon…just the major points offered and how I see them applying to me and how I hope to incorporate them into my life. I want to keep it short and simple…so I’m going to come up with a format to keep it a bit  more structured than my usual rambling posts. I’m even thinking of making it a blog party and using Mr.Linkey to let others add their own leftovers to the mix. If we get enough folks joining in, we can have a wonderful feast of messages to help us stay on course!  So, let me know what you think? Do you think you would enjoy reading something like this? Would you like to join in a party with me?  Let me know. 
Well, I am running late, so better get moving…feeding kids at the MH park today. 
Hope your day is filled with abundant blessings from above!

5 thoughts on “Busy as a Bee

  1. Dearest Vicki,

    You are simply AMAZING!!!! WHAT AN ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS BADGE!!!!!!!!!! I don't think I've ever seen one I like as well!!!! I will be honored to pin it on my blog!!! And will do so as soon as I leave here!!

    Your Sunday leftovers sounds PERFECT!!!! I will LOVE to read your thoughts…you ALWAYS inspire me…and Mondays are such a great day to get an extra boost from God!! Thank you for your wonderful wisdom and creativity!! Love it!

    Well, I'm crazy busy…so must run…am not supposed to be out commenting today…but saw that my most wonderful friend had posted and just couldn't resist :} Love you so very, very much! Janine XO


  2. Wow-that IS a pretty badge. I'm going to put it on my blog.
    You asked about cleaning old photos-I was going to look it up on the Web, and didn't. So I used a soft rag and kept it wet-had to rinse it out very often-the photos were very badly dirty. It's funny, they don't smell musty at all. I still want to get an acid-free book to display and protect them in.
    I love your idea of Sunday leftovers. I think I'd like to participate.
    Love, Debra


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