Timeless Tuesday- Perpetual Pearls

TIMELESS TUESDAY: Featuring something that is timeless, with classic lines or features that will assure   it will never go out of style…could be a car,  a dress, jewelry, architecture…something new that is going to be a sure winner in the “timeless” category, could be just about anything that is or is likely to be a “classic.” I’m thinking there will be a lot of black and white items in this category.

Pearls!  A favorite treasure for centuries, pearls always bring to mind something of beauty, quality, rarity and value.  The rarest and most valuable of pearls come from the deep of the sea. Most of the pearls we see today are farmed or cultured pearls from pearl oysters. Pearls are judged by their shape, their smoothness, color and their luster with the most valuable being round, very smooth and highly lustrous. When used in jewelry, such as a necklace or bracelet,  it is important to look for uniformity in color and size of the pearls. 
Pearls! They are loved by women everywhere for their versatility and beauty and it is possible today to own beautiful, natural pearls at a much lower cost than was previously possible. 

Disclaimer: It is impossible to tell real from faux pearls by photograph alone.  Vintage and Antique Sellers do not always label their jewelry in such a way as to indicate that their pearls are real or faux.  I have only included items from sellers who have labeled their products as real, cultured, natural or seed pearls or include appraisals. However, the inclusion of these vintage items in this blog is not a statement of authenticity of their products. 

Estate Vintage Seed Pearl Necklace Silver Clasp Strand
Vintage Estate Pearls From Aawsomblei
PEARL NECKLACE with CHING HAI JADE focal bead triple strand
New Handmade Pearl Necklace From SueRunyonDesigns
Vintage Pearl Necklace From DianesPreciousThings

Chunky Pearl Choker in  Swarovski Ivory or White
New Handmade Necklace From JMGJewelDesign

Hope you will take the time to stop by and visit these shops and see additional views of these beautiful necklaces. 
Please come back tomorrow for Whatever! Wednesday…

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