Whatever! Wednesday – Random

I’ve been trying to get here to post Whatever! all day but a gazillion things have been in my way. First off, my Ellie (yorkie) wanted attention and since she thinks she has been neglected lately, I decided to spend a bit of time playing with her. I am so proud of her. I finally have her trained to come in from outside when I call her.

That means she doesn’t always have to wear her harness when she goes out to potty.  I still don’t quite trust her so I make sure that before she goes out she sees the treat that I put on the table.This is her reward when she comes in.  Our property has fencing for cattle and other large animals but no fencing to keep little yorkies from getting out. So, I am relieved that I am less likely to have to take off after her if she accidentally gets out.
Of course it did  just occur to me that she might be coming back in so easily because of the heat…hmmmm.

Next up was finishing up some laundry from yesterday and changing bed linens. I spent some time going through a box of vintage books in the basement while I waited for some clothes to dry. I don’t mind staying down there now that we have it almost finished and we have all of the junk out. I don’t have to worry about things lurking behind giant sleighs and fake chimmneys, complete with Santa boots sticking out–all things we used in past Christmas parades that had been taking up space and gathering dust for about 13 years now. Gone…all gone! Such a relief.

Then I worked on my new Etsy shop, Graceful Moments.  I hope I am taking the right path but certainly won’t know until I try it.  I have started adding things to the shop but haven’t gone “live” yet. Not sure what’s holding me back.

Went blog visiting to see the blogs of some of my latest blog followers. I am always so excited when I get a new follower.  I will soon be at 100 followers (I hope) and while that might not seem like many to those with thousands of followers, it makes me smile and do my happy dance. I just want you all to know that I really do appreciate that you follow me.
Then I spent awhile at YouTube  listening to the music of Amy MacDonald.  I like her music and particularly like the way her head works, based on  the lyrics to “This Pretty Face” and “The Footballer’s Wife.”  I love her voice in “Run.” I had to go back and review my “history” just now to find out how I got to YouTube looking for her music. Aha! It was while I was blog surfing and I found it through the blog, Sixpence and a Blue Moon. So hop over there and watch the video that she has on her blog and you too might find yourself on YouTube listening to some of her other songs as well. She’s a Scottish lass with much more than a pretty face–she writes her own music and seems to have some pretty good values. 
So what else is going on? 

Well,  I took some photos of some zinnias today and made a collage.  Want to see?  Okay, here you go–

Aren’t they pretty?  Now, a lot of people think that zinnias are not quite sophisticated enough for their gardens and I used to feel that way just a little bit. (I am really not a flower snob.Honest) Anyway, I have completely changed my mind. These great flowers are really hardy and I think they are really beautiful.  All these beautiful variations came from the same seed packet. I just think they are really cool and they are handling this heat very well. 

I have this great shot of some really wicked looking clouds. They sort of  made me think of the movie, Something Wicked This Way Comes. 

See what I mean?

Okay what else??? Oh, I got what I think is a good shot of the moon the other night when a gorgeous pink cloud was in the sky. I was going to save it for Fingerprint Friday but I have something else for that so….

Well, that’s about it…the rest of the day was pretty much like any other…
I’ll try to do better for tomorrow’s Favorites…will be doing it a little differently…
So guess I’ll go and get this posted before Wednesday is over. Have a good night!

2 thoughts on “Whatever! Wednesday – Random

  1. Hello hello! Love that zinnia collage. I may try that effect. This year I didn't grow zinnias or sunflowers-seems so weird not to see them. But I have my own little cotton patch-which is flowering! Yay!


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