Pine Log Arts and Crafts Fair and New Etsy Friend

My husband and I had a fun time this past weekend at the Pine Log Arts and Craft Fair held at the Pine Log United Methodist Church Campground .  We try to attend this juried fair each year to see the quality arts and crafts that are displayed in the historic camp meeting cabins and what they call an “open-air tabernacle.”  We are never disappointed with the variety of the arts and crafts, the food or the music and we always run into someone interesting! 
We were browsing vendor to vendor when I looked up and saw a very professional sign that read, “Visit me on

Of course that stopped me in my tracks. That is how I met Etsian seller, Barbara Morgan of Aunt B’s Attic. Barbara had a lovely covered booth up on a hill with a fantastic view of the entire fair.  We introduced ourselves and then had a great time chatting about Etsy and our shops.  Barbara knits really beautiful and practical bags, scarves, caps, shawls and other items.  She does custom orders too and makes these great stocking caps in colors of your choice.  My dh is already planning to special request a Penn State cap!

Like a lot of us, Barbara started her craft as a hobby and for  gifts to family and friends.  Her family and friends loved her items so much that they encouraged her to sell them.  A relative newcomer to Etsy, Barbara is coming up on her 1 year anniversary and  has already made some sales. With the adorable items she has in her shop, I am sure many more sales will be coming very soon!
Here’s Barbara at the entrance to her booth..Isn’t she cute?
It’s obvious that Barbara did her homework when it came to setting up her booth. I think she did an outstanding job with her signage, the lattice, and displaying her items…it was so professional and it looked like she had been doing this for years! She is such a lovely and energetic person and when I left her booth, I felt I had known her for years rather than the 15 minutes we spent together.  Etsy seems to have that effect on a lot of us!
Here’s the inside of her booth– so very cozy and inviting!

 Some more of her beautifully displayed items

 Here’s one of the floppy, stocking caps from her Etsy shop.
Knit 33 inch Long Floppy Stocking Cap, Ski Cap
Adorable bear too…but that’s not included. Barbara  likes custom
orders so if you want a cap or scarf of a certain length or color, she will be happy to work with you. 
I bet you have seen enough to make you want to visit Aunt B’s Attic and take a closer look at her beautifully handmade and practical items…you might find a gift for everyone on your list!
Here’s a shot of Barbara’s booth from the bottom of the hill…it looks great doesn’t it!  
Here’s a shot of a couple of the campground cabins… can see that the porches are used to display the artists’ wares.

Now, I have to tell you about this fabulous illustrator that I met at the fair.  His name is Jarrett Rutland and he is a very talented young man.  He writes children’s books and illustrates them, paints and has started a company called A.L.I.V.E.   His company creates art programs for places that may not be able to afford one. I think that is really cool. You can read about A.L.I.V.E., view his wonderful and whimsical portfolio, find out about his books and view his sculpture too–I know…I told you he was talented–all on his website Now go meet him!

I will leave you with a few more photos of the fair, complete with the nearby cemetery.  

Tomorrow is Wednesday Worship–changed from Worshipful Wednesday because it’s just easier to say and type! On Thursday I’ll share some of the other photos from our Sunday drive through the country and then, of course, there’s Fingerprint Friday!  Hope to see you later in the week!

Important Blog Update: This just in from a friend who knows: The wooden structures  at the P.L.U.M. campground are not cabins. They are tents. Who knew? Well, obviously, not me! LOL  Never knew tents were made of wood. Learn something new each day.  I figure that only about .1% or probably less, of the people who read my blog would know the difference but since at least one person of that .1%, mentioned that I got it wrong, I felt I should correct it.  I mean for all I know all Methodists call cabins, tents…and I am not putting down Methodists…I used to be one as a child and I love the Methodist church.  Anyway, I like to get things right…it’s important… so anywhere you see “cabin” in the above post, please read it as “tent.”  And just so you aren’t confused, the white, canvas tents in the photos are tents, they are not cabins either.  Thanks. : )  

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