Kaboodling! Wish-A-Day Giveaway!

Do you Kaboodle? I do, because I think it's fun!  Do you even know about Kaboodle?  It's a site that lets you save your favorite shopping items from your favorite shopping places into one central place. You can make styleboards grouping items that you love into a beautiful display for your blog (see one I … Continue reading Kaboodling! Wish-A-Day Giveaway!

Change is Good

It's time to change things up again because change is good...sometimes anyway.  I was wandering around over at my new friend's website yesterday: The Pioneer Woman.  You really should check it out...she's a hoot! She had ten rules of blogging listed and they were great rules. I read every one. Many I had already discovered from two … Continue reading Change is Good

Veteran’s Day and Remembering My Mom Repost

I've never repeated an old post before but I didn't want Veteran's Day to go by without thanking all those who have and are serving our country in the military and I didn't want the four year anniversary of my mother's leaving the earth to go unacknowledged. I don't have time to write anything new … Continue reading Veteran’s Day and Remembering My Mom Repost

Favorites of the Week – Signs, Signs, Signs and more Signs

Each week will choose favorites for my Favorites of the Week (FOTW) page.  It might be one favorite or it could be 28. The item(s)  will be featured on the Home page on Monday or Tuesday and will remain on my FOTW page until the following Monday. Hope you enjoy. I'm sure these shopkeepers would love for … Continue reading Favorites of the Week – Signs, Signs, Signs and more Signs