Silent Sunday – Psalm 30

SILENT  SUNDAY:  None of my own words will appear on Silent Sunday, a Bible verse or an interesting quote and one or more photographs will be all you will find here on Silent Sunday.  Every girl needs to keep her mouth shut sometime and we all need to be still and know that He is God. 

4 thoughts on “Silent Sunday – Psalm 30

  1. You know Vicki, that psalm seems quite appropriate for me at this time of the year. Thank you for posting it, it is one of those things that seem to help the mourning process.
    Love Di ♥


  2. Di,I know it's a hard time for you and that you are trying to be of good cheer for your family. Thursday was the four year anniversary of my mom's passing so I understand how hard it is for you. The first holiday season without your mom is really tough. Sending up prayers for you and big hugs! Love you!

    Matt's, I am praying that day will come soon for you. Love you and hugs to you too!


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