Spending time thinking about seasons of the year. Here are some of my musings…

Each time it rolls around, I know that autumn is the season I love best. The crisp cool mornings that fade into sunny, lukewarm days with cerulean skies.The amazing landscape painted with colors that sparkle and glow in the sun. As the days become cooler and breezier, my heart is stirred as the leaves perform their vivid ballet: twirling and floating and lifting on the breeze until they gently alight upon the ground and then, perhaps, get swept up again! Praises and thanksgiving fill my thoughts and I am excited by the anticipation of the Advent season! 

How quickly I turn my back on the orange and golden hues of autumn. My senses suddenly overwhelmed with shades of red and green and silver bells, appearing everywhere; fragrances of evergreens; and Christmas music filling the air! My heart feels as if it will burst with joy. Yes, this is my one true love: the season of my Savior’s birth! 

Then all too soon Christmas has come and gone and then winter winds begin to howl and the earth is dormant and gray skies are prevalent. Slowly, I surrender to the charms of cozy fires, warm down comforters, ice skating and hot cocoa. My breath is taken away each time I see the starkly beautiful bones of naked trees, where bright, red cardinals serenade me with their songs, against a silvery sky. 

But the charm wears thin and soon, my heart is broken by winter’s seemingly endless, cold, gray days and absence of healing light. How cruel its icy fingers feel as they grasp and try to hold on to me, but my love for this icy season has grown cold and longs for something new.

When all seems lost, the icy winds release their grip and are calmed and the rebirth of the earth begins and my fickle heart whispers, “Yes! I love spring the very best of all!”  My heart feels light and dances and sings with each new bud that forms and blooms.  My hands tenderly caress the warm soil as I gently set new plants among the old. Birds chatter endlessly as they ready their nests. This love is not without its pain, as I remember the wretched slaughter of the innocent Lamb, but love overcomes the grave and my spirit is renewed.

Then all too quickly, the passion of my spring romance matures. The long, hot summer days with sunlight glimmering through the lush and verdant leaves of giant oak trees, seduces me into remembering my first and truest love. The sun moves high into the sky.  My feet, bare in the grass, my face warmed by the sun, recall to me, my  innocent, childhood days of carefree play and walks down dusty, dirt roads with wild blackberries growing along the way. 

 I remember endless games of  hide and seek, played until twilight settled on the land. I hear children playing as I once played, their laughter echoing across the lake. How I love days spent in guiltless pleasures with screened porch suppers, barbecues, lazily floating in the pool and all the freedoms from four walls that summer brings. As the summer days linger on, I begin to grow just a bit weary of this, my first, true love. Summer’s endless heat begins to stifle me and hold me a bit too close with no respite.  I begin to wonder if I should betray this best, true love of mine and, of course,  I know that I will.

Eventually, I feel that first, faint hint of crispness in the morning air and notice the shadows lengthening as the sun slides lower in the sky. Summer hangs on and I truly hate to bid it farewell, but autumn beckons me and once again I heed its call. The jealous sun, sinks lower still and I wave goodbye and waltz away with my new, true love with leaves of orange and gold that glisten in the brilliant cerulean sky.

3 thoughts on “Seasons

  1. Beautiful photos, Vicki and what lovely memories. Each season of the year, as each season in life, has its charms, and it is good savor every minute of each one. Thanks for the reminder, especially now when the snow is about to fall and the cold wind blow.


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