Giveaway at Christie Cottage

Christie Cottage has a Giveaway every Wednesday. This week the prize is a $15.00 gift certificate to PuraBella's Etsy shop.  Simple to enter with option for two additional entries.  Winner will be announced next Wednesday and a new Giveaway will be offered. My favorite from PuraBella's is this Cedarwood Sage hot process soap: So, get yourself over … Continue reading Giveaway at Christie Cottage

Chocolate…Not Always a Good Thing!

Chocolate...I love it...too much!  If it is in the house, it calls my name. So, I don't buy it. But my dear husband does and he did last Friday. He went to Publix for me to pick up some BOGOs that were too good to pass up and decided to purchase another special...24 full sized … Continue reading Chocolate…Not Always a Good Thing!

Fingerprint Friday – Friendship

I am sitting here at 4 a.m. unable to sleep. I haven't participated in Fingerprint Friday in a while because I usually work on Fridays and never seem to have time to get one done in advance. So I took this insomniac moment to prepare a Fingerprint Friday post. As I was going through pictures … Continue reading Fingerprint Friday – Friendship