I Want to be Where He Is

I have been busy this summer. Busy doing things that needed to be done but left little time for what I really wanted to do which was to paint.  Finally, I was able to spend a bit of time doing a simple watercolor.   I wanted something bright to put on my mantel next to a net of seashells and a lantern with seashells and a candle. This fits nicely.

I titled it “I Want to be Where He Is.”  I am longing for the beach and these wonderful albatrosses travel the world over from beach to beach and something I found to be amazing is they have been recorded as living over 50 years!  Their wingspans range from 6.5 to 11 feet and there are two dozen species.  There’s a National  Geographic piece on the albatross here.  Actually, there is a video on that site of a Laysan Albatross that was first tagged in 1956 and which returns every year to the Midway Atoll National Wildlife Refuge.  Definitely, a must-see if you love birds. She is 65 years old!

So now, you know more about the Albatross than you probably wanted to.  So, enough chatter…here’s my bird.

I Want to Be Where He Is 20190803_174919 mat and logo

Here’s hoping I get to a beach before summer is all gone!  In the meantime, I plan to take more time to do what I love.  I hope your summer has been filled with things you love.








6 thoughts on “I Want to be Where He Is

    1. Oh, thank you, my dear friend! I am still trying to wield watercolor! Baby steps, I am afraid, but thank you from the bottom of my heart for the lovely encouragement! XO


  1. I am truly amazed at this drawing. You painted it and then looked up the specifics of your creation. Your vision came first and then your information about the Albatross came to light later is amazing to me. But I am sure that once I again I will be accused of being prejudiced. Love you

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