Welcome to Graceful Moments. I am a wife, mom, and grandmother who retired from the financial corporate world twenty plus years ago. I became a farmer with my husband and now, after selling our farm and working in an office again for the several years, I am once again retired, leaving me to pursue my passions as a maker and purveyor of art and photography while enjoying the art of making our home a pleasant place to be.  I am striving to live the remainder of my life in a series of graceful moments. It is my goal to be present in each moment being led by the Spirit, peaceful in countenance, joyful of heart, patient in circumstances, loving without condition, kind to friends and strangers alike, faithful to God and true to my convictions. I often fall short, remaining a work in progress.
I originally created this blog in 2008 with the idea that I would use it to promote my online shops where I sell my art, photographs, and vintage items. I quickly realized in addition to writing about art and photography, I have a lot to say about faith and home and design and living in a small town and well, a lot of things. As a bonus, it provides an outlet for my often strange sense of humor. I am also a DIYer and will share some of my projects from time to time. So, Graceful Moments has evolved into something completely different from what I expected it would be and I am actually very pleased with that. I have been told that it is a pleasant and peaceful place to visit and I hope that it remains such and that you will find it to be so.



I’ll take this moment, 
Not wait for tomorrow.
Right now all is well 
And morning might bring sorrow.
Be present and savor
This moment with grace.
For time is fleeting 
And cannot be replaced.
—Vicki Elish

Copyright 2015