Ballet Painter Boutique

I love dancing! I think it is one of the most wonderful things we can do as humans. The rhythmic movement to music that allows us to physically express our joy, passion, emotion and even love! Psalm 150:4 tells us to “Praise Him with the timbrel and dance.” David danced before the Lord with all his might (2Samuel 6:14) and Ecclesiastes 3:4 tells us that “there is a time to mourn and a time to dance.”

My favorite form of dance has always been ballet. There is incredible depth to the art form that is ballet. It has the capability to eloquently communicate a complex story by using movements and steps that appear to be so simple, yet are so difficult to master that it takes years of training and dedication that most are not willing to endure.

Loving dance the way that I do, it is not surprising that it would be the subject of a Treasury that I put together on Etsy recently entitled Dancing in the Light. The treasury included items that celebrated or demonstrated various expressions of dance. While putting it together, I discovered a beautiful painting by Tricia Walsh entitled Tying Her Ribbons at Midnight. This painting captures the gracefulness of the young dancer as she bends to tie her ribbons in the glow of light from an unseen source. The artist uses the light to add an element of mystery to her subject and to capture the dichotomy that is ballet by demonstrating the physically demanding stretch of the dancer’s right leg and foot as she bends with elegance and ease to tie the ribbon of her pointe shoe.

I am struck by this artist’s ability to capture in her paintings, the sheer joy and love of the dance and I am excited about the opportunity to share her work with others who perhaps have not yet discovered her Ballet Painter Boutique. Her shop provides a combination of original paintings, prints and ACEOs that will accommodate almost any budget and also includes some of her beautiful wildlife paintings.

Here is a little about Tricia in her own words:

“I love painting all forms of life. I began drawing and painting twenty five years ago … I stood at an easel with paper and charcoal, in awe at the beauty of the model before me, and suddenly plugged in to a whole new source of energy. The beauty of the human form was and still is infinitely mysterious. Later I moved to London and began to focus on portraiture. Eleven years ago, I was blessed with a daughter. This young lady has become a focused ballet dancer. This allows me to spend many happy hours at her ballet studio, drawing and painting what I observe there.”

Pointe Shoes Aren’t for Wimps: “Years of study, exercise, and ankle strengthening were required before taking my daughter to buy her first pair of pointe shoes. The first time I saw her rise up confidently on her toes was unforgettable for me. The lines and extension of her body reminded me of a tall willowy tree. And the illusion of weightlessness . . . . as an artist I was hooked.
Over the years I have acquired huge respect for the discipline, and the athletic ability behind what you can see on stage or on the dance floor. The strength required is often hugely underestimated. Dancers cannot show their sweat or pain as football players do. A dancer must conceal any sign of pain or exertion and make it look effortless.”

I think you will find that Tricia’s work captures the essence of the world of ballet and I hope you will visit her shop and spread the word about this very talented Etsian!

Additional work and information about this artist can be found at

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