North Pointe’s Women’s Conference

Last Saturday our church held our 2nd annual women’s conference. Our guest speaker was a woman named Debbie Williams who has written several books, including Pray with Purpose, Live with Passion. We were very blessed by her presentation and learned great techniques, like how praying God’s attributes, A-Z, will help transform your life. We received a Prayer Journal that Debbie designed that helps keep track of prayer requests. She also pointed out how the Bible is filled with God telling his people such as Abraham and Moses to go to do something He wanted them to do and so they went! We need to strive to be God’s Go/So women! We were particularly blessed that our conference was the kick-off of Debbie’s nationwide tour to deliver God’s message about prayer. If ever this country needed to be reminded of the importance of prayer it is NOW! Each of us could probably use some help in organizing our prayer life, as well!

If you would like to find out more about Debbie Williams and her ministry, please visit her website at . You can purchase her books there and if your church would like to host a women’s conference and invite Debbie to speak, you can find out about that on her website as well.

We were very blessed that Jenny, one of the women in our church, found Debbie’s blog and heard about her P.R.A.Y. tour and took the initiative to contact Debbie and tell her our church might be interested. Debbie had asked God for confirmation of all that He was telling her to do and she received Jenny’s comment and one from someone in Florida as confirmation! We are also excited that, Laura, a very talented person from our church created a video presentation for Debbie that will be traveling all across the nation with her! What a blessing to know these go/so women! There is no doubt that God’s hand is all over her ministry and this tour. If you would like to keep up with what Debbie’s doing, check out her blog – see the link for You Go Girl for God under favorite blogs in the left column of my blog or visit her website at the above link and click on blog!

2 thoughts on “North Pointe’s Women’s Conference

  1. That sounds very inspirational. Prayer + God = prod wait. that wasn’t what I was intending. But, it does kind of fit the message. We have to go out and claim all the promises He gives us. I like her Go for it and Go do it! message.


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