Mynee’s Dream

The song, Dream, by Priscilla Ahn reminds me so much of my mom. It inspired me to do this slideshow of her life. She lost her mom at eleven during the Great Depression and her father had to travel a lot to earn a living. She boarded with family and friends and I know that she was often in her own little world, dreaming of a little home. I know she had a dream to have a loving family. She got one. Four daughters, 9 grandchildren, 22 great-grandchildren and 3 great,great grandchildren. Her life may not have gone exactly the way she dreamed it but she was happy with it. She had a good life…and many tales to tell. She was ready to leave us. She was tired and she was ill and…she knew where she was going. She will be missed this Mother’s Day and all the Mother’s Days to come.

Update: The slideshow has been moved to the end of this section.

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