A Better Dog Harness and Other "Must Haves"

….all from Annie’s Sweatshop.

Most vets suggest using harnesses instead of collars for all dog breeds but urge their use for toy breeds. Harnesses can help prevent neck injuries and pressure on the esophagus that can worsen certain conditions in these little breeds such as collapsing trachea.

I have tried several harness styles. None of them made me happy for one reason or another. I finally settled on one of those harnesses made of woven nylon straps that you can find at your local discount store. Ellie, my Yorkie, and I both hated it because it was difficult and time consuming to get on. Half the time, I would get it on backwards or wrong side out or both and have to take it off and start over. My vet suggested I leave it on all the time to make life easier but it was too uncomfortable and irritated her. Did I mention she’s a Yorkie? If she’s not happy, we’re not happy.

I had almost given up hope for a better harness when I happened upon Annie’s Sweatshop. Oh, happy day! Not only did she have a much superior design for a dog harness, they were beautiful too! Ellie can now be safe and beautiful at the same time. Joy!

Ellie modeling herAnnie’s Sweatshop Harness
The design of this harness is great because it takes all of the pressure off of the neck and esophagus and distributes it around the chest. It’s also great for me because it’s a snap to put on her. It slips over her head and wraps around her tummy, quickly closes with Velcro and she’s set to go. It’s so soft and comfortable that I can leave it on her all day and she doesn’t mind a bit! One of my vet’s said that this was the best design for a harness that she had ever seen!

According to her Etsy profile: “The mission of Annie’s Sweatshop is simple: to provide smart and sustainable handcrafted fashions. Owned and operated out of her home sewing room in Waterloo, ON the “sweatshop” is the cultivation of Annie’s DIY (Do It Yourself) passion, environmental ethic, and sewing skills. Although she does work long hours and for seemingly low wages, do not be alarmed by the “sweatshop” moniker. It is a term of endearment that captures Annie’s current predicament with her two mini-dachshunds, Porter and Stout. “

Annie’s Sweatshop is a fabulous place to shop, not only for harnesses but for all of your best friend’s needs. Her products are well designed, extremely well made and attractive! Plus, she is happy to do custom orders and her service is excellent.

Annie, is also committed to being a responsible guardian of the environment! For example, you won’t find a newly printed business card in your package. Instead you’ll find a piece of cardboard recycled from packaging with her shop information stamped on the back. It serves the purpose perfectly and saves the trees at the same time!
Here are a couple of the practical and uniquely designed products available at Annie’s Sweatshop

This fabulous and reversible Hooded Coat will keep your dog friend toasty warm and dry in cold weather!

This Eco Friendly Dog Bed is great for those dogs that like to snuggle under the blankies. It’s definitely on my wish list for the girls:

Check out this great Etsy shop…you best friend will love you for it!

3 thoughts on “A Better Dog Harness and Other "Must Haves"

  1. Well, Ellie could not be more adorable! And those Doxies-CUUUUTE! LOVE the hooded fleece coat!

    This makes me want to get another dog-maybe a Westie this time…we'll see!

    Thanks for a great write up Vicki!
    xoxoxoxox, Daff


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