Dixie Highway Yard Sale

Living close to US Highway 41 in Northwest Georgia makes it very convenient to take advantage of the fabulous 90 mile yard sale that is known as the Dixie Highway Yard Sale

This event started in 2006 and runs from Ringgold, Georgia to Marietta, Georgia, along much of what used to be the original Dixie Highway.

During the 1950’s (I was only a baby) and 1960’s we often travelled a portion of the Dixie Highway to visit relatives. I have great memories of passing fruit and vegetable stands with peaches, tomatoes and boiled peanuts and the colorful chenille bedspreads displayed on clotheslines near the old highway to attract buyers. The area not too far north of where I now live was known as Peacock Alley and was the home of the handmade chenille cottage industry from the late 1800’s to to mid-century and later to machine made chenille products.

During this year’s 90 mile yard sale (always the first weekend in June) we enjoyed making new memories while much of what we saw invoked memories of those simpler times. We have “done” the sale each of the three years it has been in existence and we always find a treasure or two along the way. Sometimes those treasures come in the form of vintage goodies and sometimes in the form of new friends we meet and the old ones we bump into along the way! All in all, a great way to spend a weekend in early summer!

Among the treasures I found this year was a vintage Pentax K1000 SLR film camera. It has the same lens mount as my old and broken Pentax ME and was a bargain to me at $10.00! The only other thing I bought this year were some old wallpaper books…3 for $5.00. Hopefully, I will get off this computer soon and use them to create some art or something!

Lots of old country antiques…tools to glassware…not many bargains here…the sellers knew what they had and it was priced accordingly!

This would make a nice project. Beautiful old wooden door with original hardware.

Advertising signs…from days when gas prices were more like 50 cents a gallon!

Lots of bargains on clothes and baby items everywhere we went!

This is Cass Grocery and Hardware. In addition to groceries, hardware and feed, this is a great place to find hand dipped ice cream and great deli sandwiches while traveling the Dixie Highway.

A beautiful friend I met along the way with gorgeous ice blue eyes.

In the Bible belt and proud of it!

Beautiful pastures abound.

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