Art Survives in the Worst of Times

It has been quite awhile since my last post. I’m thinking my posts need to be shorter and more frequent. I’ll work on that.

I was reading my April 2009 (blogging is not the only area in which I am falling behind) edition of The Artist’s Magazine last night and came across an article about surviving as an artist in rough economic times. It’s a good article with lots of helpful advice. What really caught my attention was this encouraging quote that was attributed to Louis M. Salerno, the owner of Questroyal Fine Art, New York City: “Through the Dark Ages, the great famines, the plagues, world wars and the Great Depression, art has been shown, sold, stolen, collected, criticized, condemned and cherished. In 2003, worldwide art sales were estimated at $5 billion. Nothing is certain but death, taxes, and art – the third certainty.”
So, if art’s not going anywhere and will survive even in the toughest of times, the key is to make sure our own art is not still sitting in our studios or gathering dust in a dead venue when the recession is finally over. Basically, the article talked about finding low cost ways of expanding marketing, adding new, different and unconventional venues and downsizing your art so that it is more affordable. All very good ideas, in my humble opinion. If you already have an internet presence and blog, twitter and use facebook, you are way ahead of the game. I don’t twitter but I do blog and am beginning to use facebook so I am looking at downsizing my art.
A couple of things I’m working on are original ACEOs. I already offer a number of ACEOs in my shop but they are primarily prints of my larger artworks. I’m planning a series of original ACEOs to offer. Additionally, I’ve decided to do some smaller paintings. Simple paintings (some with quotations or scripture) that measure 5″x5″ or 8″x8″ to easily fit in popular frames that come with pre-cut matting with 5×5 or 8×8 openings (such as this one or this one from or this one available at Michaels.) While I was shopping around on the internet for these frames, I ran across an unusual but fun frame that would be perfect for those who love contemporary furnishings. Round art…I like it…I’m envisioning a series of three or five of these over a long, low table…hmmm.
Anyway, these smaller paintings below and other diminutive originals will soon be available in my Etsy shop, Ellielee at affordable pricing. I’ll be sure to let you know when my shop is stocked!
“Yellow Rose of Friendship”

“Those Ever Popular Poppies”

6 thoughts on “Art Survives in the Worst of Times

  1. Beautiful! The kindness one is my favorite. I think doing smaller sizes is a great idea. Easier for people to commit to buying just to put in that little empty spot that they have. Thanks so much for stopping by today, commenting and becoming a follower! Hope you have a great weekend!


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