Snow Comes to Georgia

The very day that I published my Fingerprint Friday post about our sweet little harbinger of spring we were blessed with two plus inches of snow here in NW Georgia. It has been a few years since we have had this much of the white stuff here. So bear with me…we’re excited!
This is a panoramic collage I made of the view from the side of our house. That house in the front was my mother’s house. It is now a rental house.

This is another collage of the view from our front porch.
This view is the back of our house with one of our two remaining barns in the distance. The weeping winter jasmine is in the foreground on the right.

The southern portion of the state got more than we did and our grandsons spent the day sledding and building snowmen while their mom spent the day drying clothes.

I know two inches sounds paltry compared to the record amounts of snowfall in other areas but we’ll take it and be quite happy about it.
It was beautiful.
Here’s the little winter jasmine covered in snow:

Another view from our front porch:

This red shouldered hawk in the tree in front of our porch seemed to really enjoy the snow. He sat there for quite a while with snow accumulating on his beak. I think he was scoping out the pasture, hoping that some tasty creature would scamper out of the brush.

Some interesting tree “bones” made more interesting by the snow…

A little later in the day, same tree, more snow…

John decides a snowball fight is in order…

Very funny… you wouldn’t….
Would you?

I guess you would…

Ha! Made it in…screen door took the hit!

I should add that he made up for this later in the afternoon when the UPS truck arrived at our house…different story…will post about that later today.
Today the sun was out for most of the day and much of the snow melted, a lot of kids are tired and ready for some dry clothes and hot cocoa and the weeping winter jasmine looks again. exactly the way it did in yesterday’s Fingerprint Friday post. No worse for the wearing of two inches of the white stuff for 24 hours.

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