Lost in the 70’s

I have been cleaning out my art studio. No small task since I am a hoarder trash to treasure person who hates to throw away anything that might be recycled or upcycled.  Anyway, while going through all my junk future treasures, I found this old drawing that I did back in 1972. It is on a 20″x 26″ piece of illustration board and is drawn in black ink.  It is what I used to call my doodle art.  The years have not been all that kind to the original but I decided to photograph it and Photoshop out the smudges and basically clean it up a bit.  Here’s the result…

A skyline of people and things that one might find in a city in the 1970’s. You can click on the photo for a larger version.  I found a few famous folks done in caricature and I’m sure there are others but it’s been 38 years and I’m just not sure who might be who.  Here are some details:

I’m not sure who the guy is with the turtle neck and long hair (Roger Daltry maybe..an old boyfriend…don’t know) but just to the left of him is Paul McCartney (you know…the Beatles) and just to the lower right of him is Rod Stewart. I think that’s supposed to be Liza Minnelli in the bottom right corner…the rest are just faces in the crowd, I guess.

Here’s an odd assortment of folks, along with a baseball, vase, windows, a hobo bag (?)…
Here we have some strange shapes, people playing peek-a-boo, a head stuck on the end of a tube and a dead head complete with his very own weed in a pot. I promise I was not on drugs when I drew this.
I don’t really recognize anyone in this section, although some of the faces look vaguely familiar.
In this section, I think these two guys facing off are Jacks…like in playing cards. The guy on the right is apparently the Jack of diamonds…not sure about the one on the left. To the left of the Jacks are street signs. There’s a priest right below the long haired Morticia (Adams Family) looking woman. 
Here we have Sonny Bono in the upper middle part of this photo. Not sure who the guy with the strange glasses is but he kind of makes me think of Cat Stevens so maybe that’s who he’s supposed to be.
John Lennon’s in there somewhere and Scarlett O’Hara, three crosses, the Bible and well, I don’t know who or what else you might find if you study it. If you see someone you think looks famous, let me know. Okay?
I think I’m going to have the complete work plus some of the details printed as ACEO’s.  There seems to be a lot of interest in the 70’s for some reason. 
I know this is a really weird piece of art and a strange post and somehow doesn’t quite fit with Graceful Moments but sometimes we need to look back to the “dark” times just to remind ourselves of how far we have really come. 

12 thoughts on “Lost in the 70’s

  1. Wow , that is amazing ! Yes you need to do something with it ! And I agree , sometimes we do need to look back and see where we are & appreciate even more where God has us now !Have a blessed weekend !


  2. I LOVE this post and am so glad you shared your treasured “doodle drawing.” It's fantastic, so much fun to look through such things and spot folks, as you did; there were other familiar faces, but I'd need to give it more time. This gave me a smile and a lift and I truly enjoyed it. I was kind of young in the 70s, but I sure loved, and still love, the music from that very creative era. I'd say the ACEOs would be a good thing to do with this… or maybe even prints. It's a lot of fun.


  3. Vicki- This drawing is just ONE of so many
    reasons I love you!

    You are a brilliant artist, and I love that you have had experiences that cause you to realize “how far you have come” That's something we should all spend more time being thankful for!

    I enjoyed this Blast from the past!

    xoxo, Daff

    xoxo, Daffy


  4. It's historical, Vickie. We all have a history. Now He has put His Story in us and we are new creatures.
    I think it will be interesting to explore. Black and white is also quite popular.
    And the 70's!! That was 40 years ago. There's a whole new generation out there to whom this is all new.
    It amazes me when I see the “been there, done that” of ragged bell bottoms, Mondrian prints, flower power, etc. and observe how enthusiastically adopted all of it is to today's generation.


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