Easter Visit

It’s spring break and my sweet granddaughter came to visit last night and will be staying for a few days. She is a “princess” so we will be having tea parties and playing girlie games! She also likes to weed the garden, plant flowers and play a little kick ball. I know it will be a lot of fun. Grandchildren are the best! .

Picking blooms off the forsythia branches…
and sticking them into the watering can’s spout…

Why? Because they are pretty that way! Of course…I knew that!

6 thoughts on “Easter Visit

  1. Oh my goodness… she is a little princess. What fabulous photos! I know you will treasure her visit and these moments for years to come! Enjoy!


  2. Not only yours to treasure (her visits) but I'm sure they'll be tucked away in her heart as well. How fondly I remember my visits to my grandmother's, how they “spoiled” me, how different this home was than my mine. How Grandmom spent time with me, how she took me with her on all her errands, how she fussed when I'd scrape my knee (an almost daily occurrance). This was not how our home operated. I was one of a crowd there (with 3 younger siblings). Mom was too busy to spend much time with an individual child. A scrapped knee was “ho-hum” here.
    Oh, how I still treasure the memories of those visits to Grandmom's.

    Rita (sammysgrammy)


  3. Dear Vicki,

    Oops…looks like I need to proofread as well! I see I missed the “e” in she above…LOL…I came back to thank you for your beautiful words…I am so grateful to you…I spotted you on Carol's blog (Rose Creek Cottage), and I love to find artists…and so when I saw that you had items on etsy and had love for God, I knew I would love you!!!! Thank you for your kindness and for returning my friendship…I am honored, humbled and so truly grateful!! Love to you! Janine XO


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