A Blessing!

I said Friday that my Fingerprint Friday post would probably be the last about Emily and her family, at least for awhile.Well, I was wrong. I have a footnote to this story. I will make the long story short.

A beautiful handmade quilt “Emily’s Garden,” (shown below),  a beautiful, bejeweled bird house, and my painting, “Emily’s Garden Angel” were all raffled at the benefit for Emily. The quilt was a stand alone item and it was traded by the person who won it for the item that  Emily’s brother won. This meant that it could go exactly where it belonged– to Emily and her family. How perfect is that?
My painting and this beautiful, handmade birdhouse with “EMILY” spelled out in jewels on the front…

were included in my life group’s gift basket….

which ended up being three gift baskets in a gift wheel barrow! I was hoping that this gift “barrow” would go to someone who knew the family or someone in our church and it did!
It went to our beloved, “Ms.Kitty” who is the Women’s Ministry Leader at our church.
Friday, after the service for Emily, Ms. Kitty approached me and wanted to find out how to get in touch with Emily’s mother because she wanted to give the bird house and the painting to her and use the time to minister and comfort her a bit. Ms. Kitty said, “it is only right that Emily’s mother should have these things. They belong to her.”  My heart was singing with love for Ms. Kitty and for God, who I am certain, orchestrated all of this.
This morning, Ms. Kitty and I presented these items to Emily’s mother. What a blessing!
I have been blessed and changed forever by becoming involved in helping this family. I had no idea how much of a blessing it would be. I only hope that this series of posts about Emily has touched hearts and will be an encouragement and inspiration to others to get involved with families who are affected by pediatric cancer and to help in the fight to eliminate cancer in children.  Here are some links that might be of interest:
St. Jude Children’s Hospital
The David and Lucile Packard Foundation
Hope Street Kids

8 thoughts on “A Blessing!

  1. Vicky…what an encouragement and an inspiration you are! You use your tremendous talent in so many, many ways to glorify God and love people! I am in awe. And hope that I can follow your example. Emily's family has indeed been blessed by all of you…such a wonderful church family you have! I hope and pray that many, many more people will get involved in the fight against cancer, and particularly pediatric cancer. It is so beautiful to see people reaching out…demonstrating God's heart! Thank you! I love you so very much! Janine XO


  2. What an incredibly kind, generous, and loving Woman of God you are!! How evident that is by this beautiful blog of yours!!

    Blessings to you..


  3. What a wonderful part of this whole sad story! Blessings come in many ways and moments, ans so often are unexpected. Thank God for folks like you and Miss Kitty who reach out and minister to others… you make the world a much better place!


  4. Vickie – What a beautiful tribute to your friend and your church. I pray you will continue to feel blessed by your friendship over the years.


  5. Vicki,I to thought what a wonderful gift for Priscilla and Joseph.I am forever grateful for my Sunday and Wednesday pm class sisters/friends for all the help, support and prayers for our family.Be Blessed!!You are a true find in this world!Thank you!!


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