A Couple of Angels

It’s been awhile since I’ve shared any of my art on my blog. Just so you know that there really is a bit of painting going on …other than to porches and decks and chairs and things…I thought it was time to share two of my latest paintings which are part of a series of folk art paintings that I’m doing.
I think these are finished. I haven’t varnished them yet, so there’s still time to make a change, if necessary.. They will soon be listed on Etsy in one of my new shops…if I ever find the time to actually set up and list anything in my new shops!  
One painting ended up looking more like a story book princess than a folk art angel. I think she would look great in a little girl’s room.  She started out completely different from the way she ended up…I’ll explain about that later. Here’s a detail of her face….

a bit more of her….

and finally the total package…a Pink Praying Angel

The second painting is a little more what I had in mind when I started painting angels.  I was going for a folk art look and I think she fits pretty well into that category. She is the Angel of Hearts. Do you think that Alice in Wonderland and the Queen of Hearts might have been on my mind? She had been resting happily in the house for a while so that I could decide if she was finished, when I noticed that her eyes weren’t quite right. This photo was taken before her eye surgery. She came through fine…with flying colors in fact! I just haven’t taken the time to photograph her again. So you are seeing the unfinished painting.

Here’s a close up of her face…if you look closely you will see the problem with her eyes. One of her eyes is larger than the other  and well there was a bit more wrong there but it’s been corrected.

Now that you have seen those two paintings, I will tell you a little secret. Before the Pink Praying Angel was the Pink Praying Angel, she was a redheaded angel with wild hair and a face too thin for her hair and her body. She was a pitiful mess.  I really loved her eyes and her nose. Her mouth was not too bad. It is when  

she was viewed as a whole that she was a bit of a disaster. My daughter said, “Mom, her hair is really red, red.” I had to laugh!  I really hate to show you the whole painting…it is really bad. But I decided you could probably use a good laugh, I could use the lesson in humility and I wanted to share a good example of why you should plan well before you begin your paintings…

So, here she is in her pitifulness…but remember, she’s all better now…now she’s pink and looks like a storybook princess!

Remember, be kind…I’ll remember that you were!

7 thoughts on “A Couple of Angels

  1. I don't think she looked bad at all!!!! She really looked like folk art…but I do like the pink angel…she is pretty! And your second angel is lovely as well! You are so incredibly gifted! the way you paint their eyes is simply amazing! Fabulous, in fact…there is such depth…and such a three dimensional quality…I LOVE your work!!! Okay…so I should come back and comment when I am more coherent…It's very late…and I'm exhausted…but I just couldn't wait to tell you how wonderful I think your paintings are! You are so very, very, very good!! I love you much!!!! Have a WONDERFUL SATURDAY!!!! and Sunday, too! Love always, Janine XO


  2. I haven't been on the computer much lately and have let my blog following go by the wayside, for the most part, but this morning I thought I'd try to do a bit of catching up. So glad I decided to do that… I so enjoyed this post… reading about the progression of the paintings and your thought-process and eye for things. It's always interesting to read what other painters and artists go through with their work.

    I have to say that your 2nd photo of the Pink Angel… I LOVE it. I think just that close-up with a bit of the praying hands is perfect. I like how she is at an angle, I like the little white stars in her hair that seem almost alive with glitter, and I like the softness of her wings.

    To see where she began and what she eventually became was a treat. I perfectly understand your comments and why you re-did her. But up close, as in the first photo of her without the full torso, she looks just fine.

    I'd really like to see you do some of actual close-up faces of your folk angels. They definitely appeal to me!


  3. Well Vickie, I think that the first angel looked like you! And I couldn't see the difference in the size of the second angels eyes at all. The last one, well I even liked her with the red hair! Love Di ♥


  4. vicki/Ellie/Graceful – great paintings and I loved that you took time to not only feature some of your work but give us the story behind them.


  5. I absolutely LOVE your angels. They are all lovely, but especially the pink angel. I loved all things pink as a little girl – still do – and would have loved to have had an angel in pink looking over me. Gorgeous eyes! Actually, I liked the red headed one also. I love that hair! She looks very kind and happy. She would probably be a good a guardian angel for someone like me.


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