Sunday’s Leftovers

I was planning to start Sunday’s Leftovers today.
I am sorry to say that the holiday weekend and lots of work to do on the farm kept me from my blog and I have nothing finished for Sunday’s Leftovers today.
I would feel worse, but I managed to have a bit of  fun and get some much needed rest during part of the weekend so, I’m just not feeling that guilty about it.
So, God willing, Sunday’s Leftovers will begin next Monday.

I did take this photo yesterday at that wonderful time in the evening when the sun is casting long shadows and all the birds and other critters are beginning to settle in for the night.
So very peaceful.
God’s creation is certainly glorious!
Remember that you should never look directly at the sun. It will damage your eyes.

Timeless Tuesday will begin this week…tomorrow. 
Hope you will drop by.
I’ll be visiting all my favorite blogs later this afternoon to catch up….until then XO’s ♥

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