The Young Hawk

Here are the photos of one of the young red shouldered hawks in the container garden.  Last week there was one (probably the same one) sitting in the bird bath that you can see in a couple of the photos. I didn’t get any photos of him that time but it was a funny sight to see. He displaced all the water, so I don’t think it was too refreshing.  Today he was perched on the flower pot and appeared to be eating the begonia but my guess is he was really just checking out the place or eating insects. Long story, short: he stayed and I got a few shots of him before he flew off.  About 10 minutes later he returned, stopping first at the birdbath again and then proceeding to plant himself back on the begonia plant. I got a lot of pictures the second time around…until he saw me and flew away.  Anyway, here are the photos of one of the young hawks…

6 thoughts on “The Young Hawk

  1. What a gorgeous creature! What makes them all so attracted to your yard? I want your secret!
    PS-The music for my video is from Fernando Ortega.
    Love, Debra


  2. I wish I knew what to tell you. There has been at least one red shouldered hawk on our property for 18 years. We were so excited the first time we saw one after we bought our property. We have never had the immature hawks though. This is the first year and it has been quite exciting!


  3. He or she is very REGAL looking! It is exciting to see such a beautiful creature in your own backyard!
    I have been very excited seeing our toad in our yard. Eleven years and we've never seen one until now!
    Your photos were great! Love Di ♥


  4. FABulous… such a majestic creature! How wonderful for you to have these visitors in your yard… but perhaps not so much for other small creatures that might reside there!


  5. I popped over to visit your site after receiving your kind words about my tutorial and boy am I glad I did. What great pictures you're able to take and some of my favorite subject matter! Thanks so much.


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