Whatever! Wednesday – Along the Crooked Road

Today, the husband and I decided to see if a little crooked road that appeared to be a short cut to a town we often visit for doctor’s appointments and shopping would be a true short cut or because of its crookedness would be a longer route.  It is a beautiful day in NW Georgia and it seemed like a fun summer day drive. I grabbed my camera and a couple of bottles of water and off we went. About 50 miles, 159 photos and one hour later, we are back home. We learned that mileage wise it is a short cut but because of the twisting and turning road, it will take a bit longer, which is what we suspected but it was a good excuse to take a beautiful drive along a long and winding road with some fun photo ops.

The beginning of the winding road…
An interesting barn…obviously someone obsessed with road signs lives here…

Famous Barnsley Gardens…you can read part of the story and see some other photos at BNOTP. Susan recently did a nice photo tour and recounted much of the history of this lovely resort, mansion ruins and restored gardens.If you check out her post, please leave a comment and let her know I sent you.

Part of the Barnsley world class golf course…

This is the country though and zoning is done a little differently here. Not too far from this beautiful resort is a very interesting junk yard…there was quite a variety but I only managed a shot of this as we passed by:

Along our little crooked roads (it turned out to actually be more than one) we found this enormous new house being built. It must be at least 10-11,000 square feet. It’s difficult to tell from the photos, but try to imagine the size based on the huge construction dumpster that is in front of the house.

And there’s more in the back…A breezeway connects the main house to the smaller house in the back…a guest cottage, a pool house or the servants’ quarters perhaps?

A little further down the crooked road, we find these older and more charming, in my opinion, older homes …
there is something about old white houses with black shutters that make me drool…these are truly classics:

I do a good bit of jelly and jam making in the late summer so I am quite familiar with the trademark on this mail box. I had no idea that the Ball Corporation had a plant nearby…

They don’t make the jars here though. This is their metal beverage container plant…who knew Ball made metal beverage containers? I didn’t.  I do know this, they have created a park like environment on the grounds. It is a lovely and peaceful atmosphere, complete with purple martin bird houses and park like fields.

This is not nearly all of the interesting things we saw, but this post is becoming huge and I have to think about what we will have for supper and feed some dogs. I’ll post the rest of the photos later this evening, if I get the chance. The best part is yet to come.
Thanks for coming by…I hope you’ll check back later. ♥

2 thoughts on “Whatever! Wednesday – Along the Crooked Road

  1. There are so many interesting things to see when we stray from the beaten path! I loved your adventure and it makes me more anxious for my husbands vacation! I don't travel much without him and am looking forward to seeing some interesting things!
    Thanks for the sneak peek,I can't wait to see more! Love Di ♥


  2. You have learned to find adventure in everyday life. What a wonderful quality and something we all need to be reminded to do, especially me, especially today. Lovely post and lovely photos. It reminds me of the Robert Frost poem, The Road Not Taken.


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