Saturday Shopping – Postponed

Saturday Shopping has been postponed due to urgent need to help spouse do some much needed chores…cleaning out basement.
Don’t you wish you could have that much fun today?
To be completely honest, I love to do that sort of thing, as long as I don’t have to do it alone.
So while I am down there among cobbies and who knows what…
Here are some photos I thought you might enjoy:

Have a blessed day.

4 thoughts on “Saturday Shopping – Postponed

  1. What absolutely incredible photography, Vicki! I could think of a million ways I would rather spend my Saturday than cleaning the basement. My husband and I have spent the past several months cleaning out his parents' house. Not my favorite job. Don't work too hard.


  2. Those sky photos were amazing! Oh and Vicki, I usually have to do those chores alone. My husband is only home four days a month so either I do it or it takes years and years and years, LOL!!! Love Di ♥


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