Monday’s Favorites of The Week – Tiptoeing Into Fall

Favorites of the Week(FOW):  Each Monday I feature a number of items on my FOW page. I might choose 8 favorites or it could be 28. A portion of those items will be featured on the Home page on Mondays. The favorites for each week will remain on my FOWeek page until the following Monday. Hope you enjoy. I’m sure these shopkeepers would love for you to visit their stores and see their other great items! ♥

My theme this week is Tiptoeing into Fall.  I love, love, love Summer and always hate to let it go. It is often a slow transition here  in the South. Temperatures during the day often stay in the 80’s all through September and well into October.  The cool mornings in the 50’s and 60’s help prepare us for the chilly Autumn  weather that will eventually arrive. This week I chose items to help me tiptoe out  of  Summer into Autumn and remind me of how much I do love, love, love Autumn too!

I am short of time this week…so my usual lengthy comments about how much I love each item are absent and I am simply providing the  item  price,  the name of the item and the shop with a link to both…  That doesn’t mean that I don’t have a hundred wonderful things to say about each item…I simply don’t have the time…….okay, maybe a word or two, if I can’t control myself!

If you are on the FOW Page but not in this post …it’s not because I don’t love your item….it’s just because, the post would be too, too long if I put everyone in it.  Items are selected randomly for the Monday post.  Okay, feel better now? ‘K 🙂
Also, if you missed Saturday’s Sneak Peek, please go here to see the three gorgeous picks that were used as an enticement to see the rest of this week’s favorites!

Three Colors of Leaves - Embroidery Pillow Covers
Another Pillow?  Of course, you know how much I love pillows!
Aren’t the colors in this one beautiful ?
Three Colors of Leaves Pillow $19.00 KainKain
Tree  Original
I think I would have named this serenity! So peaceful!
Tree Original Artwork $150.00 Web of Creation
Heart Twig Wreath with Dried Flowers and Sea Shells
Have to say that I know first hand that these are much more beautiful
than the photos show. One of her arrangements was donated
to a benefit I was working on in April and it was simply gorgeous!
Heart Twig Wreath with Dried Flowers and Sea Shells $32.00 Angels and Everlastings

Free Shipping - Good Fortune Bracelet - Olive Pearls
Dragonflies are my favorites!
Good Fortune Bracelet $19.00 Sweet Findings 4U

BOOKMARK pearl and jade
Pearl and Jade Bookmark $14.50 Sue Runyon Designs
 Doesn’t that pearl look like a little albino acorn? Love it!
knit baby earflap hat, 3 to 9 months - fern
Adults in ear flap hats: okay. Babies in ear flap hats: priceless!
Knit Baby Ear Flap Hat $25.00 Baruch’s Lullaby
Lady In Red Hat and Roses Folk Art Print
I always want to say a million wonderful things about Campbell Jane’s beautiful
paintings. So vibrant, fun, beautiful….on and on!
Lady in Red Hat and Roses Print $12.00 Campbell Jane

Clay and Crochet - Faux Ceramic Pendant on Crocheted Necklace
Tiny sample of the beautiful and fun items from this artist!
Clay and Crochet Faux Ceramic Pendant $24.00 Artsy Clay

This is a new favorite artist for me. I have just discovered her but have a
feeling that she will be showing up in my favorites again and again!
Dragonfly Latte Original Painting $65.00 Dana Marie’s Art 

I have created a Treasury on Etsy of all of the favorites of mine. You can see it here. It includes all of the favorites on my FOW page.  If you go to the treasury and click on the items it will help the treasury move up in the ranks and who knows it might one day be on the Front Page of Etsy! That would be great for me and for all of the wonderful artists who are devoted to HANDMADE!

P.S. If you like this font check out Kevin and Amanda’s blog… the link is in my sidebar…. they have lots of fun and free fonts!

6 thoughts on “Monday’s Favorites of The Week – Tiptoeing Into Fall

  1. Wonderful picks for the upcoming autumn season. I especially love the Lady in Red Hat and Roses! Gonna go check it out right now, as well as you treasury! Thanks for sharing!


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