Favorites of the Week – Fall is Finally in the Air

Favorites of the Week(FOTW):  Each Monday I feature a number of items on my FOTW page. I might choose 8 favorites or it could be 28. A portion of those items will be featured on the Home page on Mondays. The favorites for each week will remain on my FOTW page until the following Monday. Hope you enjoy. I’m sure these shopkeepers would love for you to visit their stores and see their other great items! ♥

Fall is finally in the air here in NW Georgia…at least from sunset to sunrise, then it shoots up into the 90’s! But we’ve learned to take what we can get! Anyway, the cool evenings and mornings are enough to put me in the mood for all the wonderful things that are Autumn:

County fairs…with livestock blue ribbons, farm fresh yummies, rides and cotton candy;
Arts and crafts festivals ….went to my first of the season yesterday and will tell you all about it tomorrow;
All things apple…harvests, cider, pies, candles, jelly and don’t forget candied;
Pumpkins…pie, visits to the pumpkin patch, picking just the right one for the jack-o-lantern;
Hayrides and campfires and toasted marshmallows;
Raking leaves (okay…how did that get in here…that is NOT a favorite of mine;
Photographing fallen leaves and watching kids play in the piles that someone else raked…(okay, that’s much better;)
And for me there is always a bit of nostalgia and a slight aching for loved ones gone, friends unseen but not forgotten, youthful carefree days, all of which lead me right to some of my favorite autumn things– primitive and folk art lovelies that speak of yesteryear and simpler times, when people seemed to realize there was something greater than themselves and that a thing of value was worth the effort it took to make it well, and that freedom isn’t free and all those other things that seem to be disappearing before our very eyes…okay ignore all that…this isn’t that kind of post…
So here are my somewhat nostalgic favorites of the week. I hope you will take a moment to visit the shops represented and if you should happen to buy something that you first saw here or in a shop that you first discovered here, please, please let the seller know that you saw it here on my F.O.T.W. page!  Thanks!
Oscar the County Fair Pig
Meet Oscar…I love him…he definitely earned that 1st Place Ribbon!
How do these artists come up with these wonderful ideas for
these delightful characters? Wish I knew!
Oscar the County Fair Pig $21.95 Wandering Whimsies
Always Be Thankful - hand stitched simple saying
A beautiful reminder to count our blessings. Perfectly simple, perfectly beautiful!
And yes, the lovely, rustic frame is included with this one!
Always be Thankful $14.95 Wood Stitches by Jodie Leavitt
Country Toile Reusable Shopping Bag
This lovely bag looks just the right size to fill with all those goodies from the county
fair or the trip to the apple orchard!  Oh, you know you’ll get carried
away, don’ you?…So at this price, you should buy two!
Country Toile Reusable Shopping Bag $11.75 Prairie Wind Designs

8x10 Photo Print - County Fair Midway
The photographer’s desire was to evoke memories of  county fairs in this fine art
photograph and I would say she nailed it, wouldn’t you?   Be sure to click on the photo to
 see the detail in the larger version. Stacy has many beautiful photographs in her shop . Some
are printed on metallic paper. This fairly new choice for photographic prints produces incredibly
beautiful results for the right photographs.  I recently experimented with some of my own
photographs and love  the results so far. If you visit Stacy’s shop be sure to check out her
profile page to find out more about this talented photographer and the quality of her work.
County Fair Midway $20.00  Stacy M. Smith Fine Art Photographs
Little Red Oak Leaf is an original nature print.
I love the simplicity of this lovely print, compliments of the leaf itself!
That’s right! Robert Fagg takes the things of nature and lets them
speak for themselves…he orchestrates the whole process by applying
ink in all the right places and knows exactly how to get that beautiful impression
for you to enjoy in your home! He also does paintings and lino cut prints …
don’t be lazy…go see for yourself…they’re great!
Little Red Oak Leaf $9.00 Reddog Roads Art
The road less traveled
Robert Frost, one of my favorite poets! I believe he would agree that this
photograph is appropriately titled! Wouldn’t you like to take a walk over
that hill to see what’s waiting there?  Of course, you would! Many of  Bee’s photographs
have this same romantic feel…so, if you like this one, you MUST visit her shop.
You will not be sorry. I promise!
The Road Less Traveled $20.00 PhotograBee
Flap Jacks (Maple Syrup) 8 oz Western Cowboy Candle
Okay, at first, I too thought this was some delectable thing to spread on
my pancakes. No, it’s not but I bet it will make you wish you had some!
Maple Syrup scented candle…how yummy is that?
Flap Jacks Maple Syrup Cowboy Candle $7.25 True Texas Scents Candles
Vintage Coal Pot
You didn’t  think I would leave real vintage out of this nostalgic collection, did you?
Of course not! You know me better than that.  I love this little coal pot and I really hate
to even show it to you because I know someone is going to snatch this beauty
right up and give it a place of honor in an autumn vignette. I would do it, but DH and I
agreed, no more, no more…we have enough. NOT! But to keep the peace, I’ve decided to
share this lovely pot with my graceful readers instead of being sneaky and keeping it all
to myself. You deserve it…really, you do.  Oh, and don’t let the name of the shop fool you…
there’s much, much more there, than fibers and photos…you need to go there to see for yourself.
Vintage Coal Pot $15.00 Foot Hill Fibers N Photos
AUTUMN / FALL wooden blocks
I love blocks. I have since I was a child. Of course, now I prefer
the grown-up blocks, like these beauties. Perfectly lovely wooden
 blocks with vinyl letters that can be used inside or out! I have the perfect little
shelf for these…oh well, you probably do too…that’s why I included them!
Autumn/Fall Wooden Blocks $29.95  Little Block Barn
Vintage Fair Ribbons - 8x10 Fine Art Photography print   BOGO SALE
Now who in the world would think to take a photograph of fair ribbons? Mary Vican,
that’s who, and isn’t she the creative one?  I love the colors…some faded…some
still bright…it is even better  framed…go see this item in her shop and check out
the last photograph…you will see what I mean! Fabulous! You know this would
be perfect right over that chair…yes, that one!  Too large, you say? Well, duh, you
can get a smaller size! Yes, I know you can, cause Mary said so!
Vintage Fair Ribbons 8×10 Photograph $15.00 Mary Vican Fine Art Photography and Photo Jewelry
WALT CURLEE-8x10 Appalachian Mountain Farm Pumpkin Patch Landscape Print Folk Art
Okay, here we go…a folk art print…well, you knew there would be at least one, now didn’t you?  Of course, you did! Isn’t this gorgeous? It reminds me of childhood trips to the Blue Ridge Mountains (part of the Appalachians) with my parents. We went each year to pick out pumpkins, buy some special jams and jellies, a jar of chow chow or two (it’s a type of relish we love in the South) …such precious memories! This beautiful painting brought them flooding back. Walt Curlee paints folk art scenes and Americana farm landscapes but he’s really, a fine art, artist. I won’t hold it against him and I know you won’t either!  Appalacian Mountain Farm  $23.00 Walt Curlee
Grand Wheel - Fine Art Photograph
This photograph reminds me of every county fair, every carnival, every fun park
I’ve ever been too! Yes, the roller coaster is great, but give me the ferris wheel.
Up, up, up and you can see for miles…the harvested fields, the sunlight on the
tin roofs…I love it!  Carl Christensen is another one of those photographers that
knows how to take you back in time and make you love every minute of it.A simple
dandelion becomes a precious childhood memory when his eye meets the
viewfinder and his artistic talent meets paper.  His photographs are a delight  for the eyes.
And if that’s not enough, he makes frames too! Yep, that’s right and they are beautiful too!
 Think I’m exaggerating? Fine. Go see for yourself. Ha! I told you so!
Grand Wheel Photograph $30.00 Integrity Studio aka Buck County Frames
Frosted Apricot Glass Melon Oxidized Sterling Silver Earrings - Peaches
You just never know how you are going to discover a favorite on Etsy.  I rarely go
to the Forum on Etsy…it can get a bit weird there sometimes. But I did this morning and I met
this talented Texas mom on the forum today…well, it was really later, when she used some of my
artwork in a treasury and then told me how my work inspired it and complimented me for what I said
in the thread.  I though that was a really sweet thing for her to do. It made my morning!
I had actually already checked out her shop along with a couple of others who were in that thread
and had picked out these beauties for my FOTWs. So, I told her I had picked her earrings for a
 favorite  in my FOTWs and we had a a mutual admiration thing going on for a while. Hey,
I’m from the South, she’s from Texas, we have to love each other…it’s a big hair and cowboy
 boots thing, okay?  Anyway, the funny thing is, I had already picked these as a favorite
 before she picked my artwork…but I didn’t want to be rude and correct her…she thought
 I did it in return for her kindness …but I’m really not that nice (I want to be…but I’m just not. )
 I have to really love something to put it on here.  That’s  just the way it is with me. I cannot
 be bribed (but you can try if you want…jk) Anyway, I think these are beautiful earrings and
I love the color  and the oxidized silver  and  I think they  look like  pumpkins instead of melons
 and those are the real reasons that I picked them. Truthfully…I mean that…all of it!
Frosted Apricot Glass Melon and Sterling Earrings $22.00 Glitz Glitter
Jewel Tea, Autumn Leaf Pattern, Small Round Mixing Bowl
Okay, this will be quick. The reason I picked this bowl is because my
grandmother, Effie Ellington Lee, had a set of Jewel Tea, Autumn Leaves and
whenever I see a piece, it reminds me of her. I loved her and I like to be reminded
of her, so it stands to reason I would love this. I have a few pieces and think
this is a great price. If I weren’t on this blasted budget, I would buy it but since I am, I’m
telling you about it instead. See, I am nice.  Of course, if you were to buy something from me,
then I could maybe sneak this into the miscellaneous category of the budget…
Okay, okay just kidding…I know this is not about me…but it is my blog, so it could bejust sayin‘!
Jewel Tea Autumn Leaves Small Round Mixing Bowl $30.00 Calico Cat 34

the COUNTY FAIR GIRLS medium PRINT 8.5 x 11 from original primitive art lowbrow illustration
Yes, more folk art…primitives…I think these girls are grand! If you want to read a great
story read the profile of this shop and if you like what you read, be sure to
visit the website.  There is so much more in this painting than first meets the
eye…click it to enlarge it and enjoy the county fair!
County Fair Girls Print $35.00 Pinky and Lilly

Copper Springs Folk Art Print
Each season is a good reason for me to visit Catherine’s Etsy shop. I love to daydream
about her paintings and all the delightful imaginary folk who live and work and play
in her paintings…and don’t get me started on the cupcakes from the bakery…they are so very
yummy!  Autumn is my favorite time of the year in the world that is Catherine
Holman’s.The first time I wrote about her beautiful art was in the autumn. She has become a
 part of  the  fall season for me.  She can stir the nostalgia like no other artist I know.
 If you want to escape for a half-hour or two or three, just browse through her shop and read
about the lives of these wonderful folk who live behind the walls of her paintings. Want to see
what Catherine is up to lately? Visit her beautiful blog and find out!
Copper Hills Folk Art Print $14.95 Catherine Holman

Well, that’s all I have today. You can see them for the whole week on my Favorites page. Tell your friends to do a little shopping on Etsy and tell them to start right here.  Sorry, didn’t mean to sound bossy…but do it anyway…pretty please with sugar on top?

Hope you will stop by tomorrow to hear about my visit to the Pine Log Arts and Crafts Fair…met a beautiful lady from Etsy…lots of photos! ‘K. Bye.

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