Silent Sunday – Psalm 61 Our Refuge

SILENT  SUNDAY:  None of my own words will appear on Silent Sunday, a Bible verse or an interesting quote and one or more photographs will be all you will find here on Silent Sunday.  Every girl needs to keep her mouth shut sometime and we all need to be still and know that He is God. 

“It is for the sake of man, not of God, that worship and prayers are required, not that God may be rendered more glorious, but that man may be made better,–that he may be confirmed in a proper sense of his dependent state, and acquired those pious and virtuous dispositions in which his highest improvement consists.
-Hugh Blair
Psalm 61-Our Refuge from Psalms: Music to Soothe Your Soul, 
Deirdre Neely Close (author) and Tabitha Fair(performer)
copyright 1997 Essential Records.

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