Snow Day…Maybe Snow Week

We are having snow in NW Georgia and it is so beautiful!  Sub freezing temps may turn this into a snow week! We received about 5 inches of the white stuff! Love, love, love it! 
Just a few photos around the farm:

Last night about midnight.

Another one taken last night. Yes, I did ask for the snow!!
Today…Container Garden, Bird Bath have been turned into cupcakes and mushrooms!

Winter Jasmine my harbinger of spring…blooming in January?
This shrub always blooms the first week in February.
Could this mean an early spring?  

Untouched snow…so beautiful!

Peaceful, Quiet, Lovely Snow!

Snow “pillows” in rocking chairs…courtesy of the wind. The screened
porch was covered with snow.

Nandina with Snow!

Perhaps I’ll venture out a bit more tomorrow. 
Where ever you are tonight, hope you are safe and warm!

5 thoughts on “Snow Day…Maybe Snow Week

  1. I heard there was snow in Georgia! It is all so pretty Vicki. We are supposed to get a few inches tonight and tomorrow. I am looking forward to it. Unlike the pretty greens that you have there, everything here, except for the pines, is brown. Ugly brown!
    Enjoy your snow, where's your snowman?
    Love Di ♥


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