Good Friday – This is Love!!!

He took our sin upon the cross. He carried it to the grave with Him. He left it there. Our sin covered by his blood for our salvation. What a wonderful King we have…to suffer and die for us…to cover our sin, so that we might enter the very throne room of God, so that we might have a relationship with God, our Father, so that we could become the children of God. I see my sin on that cross. Do you see yours? Yes, the big ones are there but those that we think of as small are there too. There is no sin greater than any other. They all put Him on the cross. He took them all…too many to list…for you…for me…for all those who repent and believe.

  It is Friday and sadness fills my heart for what my King endured for me. It is Friday
but we know the grave could not hold Him, death could not couquer Him.
It is Friday, but Sunday is coming.


2 thoughts on “Good Friday – This is Love!!!

  1. What a beautiful post! Yes, I see my sin there…many of them, and my heart is so grateful for the grace and forgiveness I've received because of our Saviors sacrifice.
    Thank you for this post, Vicki,and the TRUTHS therein.
    Sunday is coming…and what a happy day that is!

    xoxo, Daffy


  2. I always have tears in my eyes when Pastor describes the events of Jesus' death but then he reminds us of why we call it Good Friday and I walk away feeling a natural high because of what Jesus had sacrificed for us!
    Isn't it wonderful?!
    Love Di ♥


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