It’s March What????

I seem to have lost a month or at least a half of one. Somehow life fast forwarded from March 1 to March 27 in about 2 weeks. Seriously, I have never felt time fly by as quickly as it has this year. I suppose part of it has  to do with Spring arriving unofficially here in NW Georgia in the middle of February.   The winter jasmine that normally blooms in early February has had blooms from the first week in December.   Forsythia in full bloom the first week of March. Dogwoods never bloom until mid-April and they are currently in full bloom. Did the earth tilt on its axis? Well, actually it did but no one seems to think that it was enough to cause this early awakening of the earth.

I haven’t had much time to spend blogging because of my job.  I spend some relaxing time reading other people’s blogs but haven’t felt moved to write anything here.  I’m hoping with the warmer months and extra day light, I will feel more like getting outside and taking photos and maybe even painting.

Finally had my gallbladder removed last week after much pain and nausea.  Still suffering from both but getting better each day. Went back to work today. I had only planned to spend a half day but ended up there for the duration. Didn’t realize how badly I was hurting until I got in the car to come home. That’s what a busy day will do….make you forget your pain.

Wish I had something exciting to share…maybe next time…hopefully soon.

Love & Blessings!


2 thoughts on “It’s March What????

  1. Vicki~
    I've had a time getiing to actually leave a comment here. I tried to a few times and 'IT' would not let me!
    So sorry you've been in pain and out of it. I do know what you mean about time going fast-I don't like that one bit!
    I look forward to seeing some of your photography and paintings.
    Rest and get well soon.
    Love, Debra


  2. I'm glad that you are healing Vicki. It sounds painful!
    Hopefully this beautiful springtime weather will help keep your mind off of the discomfort!
    I haven't blogged in awhile either, to busy gardening! Hugs to you..
    Love Di ♥


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