Easter vignette on my jelly cupboard, with a print from a Dear Lillie download.  I love Dear Lillie.  They have become my go to place for chalkboard art when I am too busy or maybe just too lazy to do my own chalkboard work.  Jennifer’s beautiful work is much better than what I can do anyway!
Please excuse the quality of this photo. I shot this one with my phone camera. The walls in our kitchen are Tuscan gold and for some reason are difficult to photograph.

The daffodils were saved from the freeze we had a couple of days before Easter.
They always brighten up a room. I used my Pentax for this photo but I’m a bit out of practice. My settings were a bit off and it is a little grainy. Guess I will need to brush up on my photo skills.

I’m still busy unpacking here in Georgia but taking it slowly and allowing a little time to enjoy the beautiful weather. Hope you are having a beautiful Spring where you are.


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