Hello September

Soon it will be autumn. Who cannot love autumn with its brilliant color and the crisp air and clear blue skies with puffy white clouds. It is the last hurray of the beauty that began in spring and lingers almost until that most wondrous Advent and Christmas season which is really my favorite time of the year!  I usually get a bit melancholy around this time of the year. I’m not sure exactly why. I wrote a bit about it here.

While looking for some autumn photos, I discovered these from an autumn trip we took to northwest and  north central Georgia several years ago.

Murray County Court House in Chatsworth, Georgia. This is a beautiful courthouse that was built in 1916-1917 in the Neoclassical Revival style. Isn’t that the most beautiful shade of blue in that sky?

We stopped  to take a photo of a sign that I spotted, showing my maiden name of Dobbs. C.W. Industries, I found out later is a carpet and rug company. I believe they actually make carpet and rug pads.  Joe Dobbs is the President of the company, thus his name on the sign. Interesting to me is that my father’s initials were C.W!  Dobbs is not a rare name but it isn’t  often that I run across someone with that name. I will be digging into my genealogy to see if I can find any connection between our Dobbs line and Chatsworth, GA. and/or Murray County.
Beautiful sunflower that was found closer to home.  
Wouldn’t it be nice to wake up to that happy field each morning?  Thousands upon thousands of smiling sunflowers waving, “Good Morning,” in the breeze!

The beautiful form of God’s creation nurtured into growing by a farmer’s careful touch….
Tokens from September days gone by…….

2 thoughts on “Hello September

  1. Hi Vicki-I have tried to leave a comment here before-and wasn't able to…also, I can't see your whole blog-I have to scroll the page and only have about 4 inches of the blog showing on my screen. Don't know what's up with that! But I did get to see your photos, if I kept scrolling! I love the black and white of the sunflower, and the field of them-and you're right-it would be amazing to wake up to them! I always love your comments and visits to my blog….take care, dear friend! Love, Debra


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