Happy Birthday, Ellie Rose Barnett Elish!

Nine years ago yesterday, our little Ellie was born.  Ellie is our Yorkshire Terrier and manymost days is the center of our universe, if for no reason other than she is a Yorkie and will not be ignored! They are fun like that! 
I first held her in February of 2007 while working for a local veterinarian.  She was coming in for her vaccinations and I fell in love with her. She had been gifted by a husband to his wife who was ill and she required too much attention for the wife.  So, the wife’s sister mentioned that they were looking for a home for her and would let someone have her for about half of what they originally paid for her.  I called my husband and naturally he said, “Yes”  and the rest is history.  She is the only dog that I have ever “purchased.”  All of my other dogs were rescues or gifts from someone who could no longer care for them.  It is hard for me to justify buying a dog when there are so many abandoned who need a forever home, but in this case, she needed a forever home too. 
Who could have resisted this precious, sweet girl?
She made herself at home right away. She seemed to know that she would not be a bother for us.

She has a pretty extensive vocabulary, including the words “show me,” when she wants something and I can’t figure out what. It might be a toy that’s rolled under the chair or it could be a treat and she ignores me when I ask “treat?” because a human at the treat cabinet is worth two at the computer…or something like that.

 I know, mom, I am a cute girl! 
Mommy, please, let’s lose the ribbons and bows. Okay? 

We discovered last year when  I noticed blood in her urine that she has a condition called porto systemic shunt  (PSS) which means that there is a shunt somewhere that did not close at birth and not all of her blood is being filtered by her liver. This can cause quite a few problems, including liver damage and heart damage. The good news is that when detected in an older dog, the prognosis is much better than when detected in a puppy.  We have her on a prescription food and supplements to help liver function.  She seems to be thriving in spite of what her blood work keeps indicating.  We are hopeful that she will remain with us for many years to come, but we are making sure that her time, however long it may be, will be the best and happiest time she could have with her people. Most days it is hard to tell that she is sick, but she does get tired quicker than she used to.

All shiny clean. She despises baths, grooming and especially mani/pedis but is quite happy when she realizes that it’s all over and she’s beautiful!  She’s a bit of a jock and would rather just play.
Soccer, anyone?
I have had a lot of dogs and I have loved each one as if there was no other, so I can’t say I love her more than any other dog, but I can say that she has been the most fun, just by being here and being her demanding, intelligent and funny little self! 
Chillin’ on the farm, back in the day.

Here is a very, very short video of her playing with one of her birthday presents. The video is very short because I had to edit out my snorting laugh in the middle of it. Yes, I do things like that…snort when I laugh sometimes.  It’s a gift really. Ha!

Hope you enjoyed meeting our little girl.  Hope you have a gracefully beautiful weekend.


3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Ellie Rose Barnett Elish!

  1. Oh, Miss Ellie, you are a beauty! How blessed you are to have such wonderful parents! I know they love you to the moon and back 🙂
    I wish you a Happy Birthday and hope you have MANY more!
    XOXO, Miss Daffy


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