Trip to the Georgia Coastal Isles

We are blessed to be able to travel to Jekyll Island off the coast of Georgia each year about this time. Sometimes we are faced with very cool temperatures and the only saving grace is the wild Georgia shrimp!  This year we had temperatures in the mid to high 60s during the day and a few clouds but mostly sunshine!  I was able to take a few walks on the beach which is my very favorite place to be!
Snapped some photos and thought I would share.

We decided to forgo the Interstate and took the backroads instead. So much more interesting. So many beautiful lakes and ponds, well cared for and so peaceful.  Lots of pine trees, of course! Further south from here, the pine trees are planted for lumber and there are thousands and thousands all planted in perfectly straight lines with amazingly straight trunks rising up to the sun. I am sorry I didn’t get any photos of those.

Just so you know, the first two photos were taken out the window of our car, while traveling about 65+ miles per hour.  Turned out amazingly well, I think.

There were murals painted on many of the buildings in the small towns along the way. This one I believe was in Helena, GA. The mural states that it is the “6th Safest City in the Georgia.”  

Sunrise outside the back door of our suite.

 A short walk to the ocean. I love the beautiful shapes of the tree trunks on Jekyll.

 So peaceful.

This reminds me of the Yellow Brick Road. I would much rather follow this one to the ocean, than one to see the Wizard! I will post a graphic piece that I did using this “yellow brick road” in the next few days.

One last sunrise photo.

 I will post some daytime oceans scenes tomorrow and some photos taken on St. Simon’s Island where we went for lunch one day.  I might even throw one in of my better half, if he approves!

Hope you enjoy!



3 thoughts on “Trip to the Georgia Coastal Isles

  1. Merry Christmas Vicki! I've enjoyed listening to all of your music & looking at your incredibly beautiful photos of Georgia!
    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog!
    Peace & Many Blessings


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