Five Minute Painting Self-Challenge Number 2

Today’s Five Minute Painting is A Vase of Roses with an unfinished branch of flowers spilling over the top of the vase.

I didn’t mention in my last post that one of the reasons for doing these little paintings and allowing so little time for them (although I might spend more than five minutes and if I do, I will let you know how long I did spend) is to work on eliminating perfectionism from my artwork, just as I am very much trying to eliminate it in every aspect of my life. At one time  I viewed it as an asset but now I consider it more of a hindrance and an impediment to accomplishment.  In painting, it can cause an artist to overwork and destroy the artistic value of a subject (unless perhaps,one is going for photo-realism. In life, it can cause unnecessary delays and unrealistic expectations for ourselves. None is perfect. So, why should we try to be? That does not mean that I do not want to pursue high standards because I do, it simply means that I want to create some boundaries and know when to stop.

I am happy with this little painting. It is approximately 4″x 9″ and was painted with watercolor on Ribbon-Tie Card. I purchased the stock at Staples about five years ago and thought this would be a fun size.  I am also trying to use my imagination more in my painting so I did not have a subject in front of me.

I find it interesting to take a closer look at the brush strokes in these little paintings. The rose on the bottom right of the bouquet appears fairly well defined in the work as a whole but when I crop to show the detail of that rose, you can see the center of the rose is a good bit too far to the right, just missing the mark.These are all learning exercises to improve my work.

I liked my little painting well enough to make it into a card for a friend. 

Hope you have a great evening…until tomorrow.


5 thoughts on “Five Minute Painting Self-Challenge Number 2

  1. You're so right about perfectionism! This trait of character can sometimes contribute to health disorders.
    As someone said: we shouldn't confuse the desire to excel with the desire to be perfect.


  2. So true…the stress of trying to accomplish the impossible will lead to all sorts of difficulties, including depression. Glad to see you back again, Duta! I visited your blog yesterday, briefly and plan to return. Looked very interesting!


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