Day Five – Five Minute Painting Self-Challenge

My plan was to paint a rabbit but I ended up not painting a rabbit.  I was flipping through my Quotation Journal yesterday afternoon, where I write down favorite Bible scripture verses and quotations. I try to write them in a decorative fashion and add little drawings or doodles on some of them. It is sort of messy now but when I began it, it was much neater. This is an early page.

 Anyway, there is a quote “Success lies upstream. You can’t drift there,” that caught my eye and I had drawn a couple of fish on the page and they inspired me to paint a fish.

So, here you have my Day Five – Five Minute Painting “Caught Upstream.” He’s a bit messy but for the most part I am happy with him. I like the colors, the movement of the fish, the water and the line.

This fellow might have been trying to go upstream to have a bite to eat. Unfortunately, the bite was the bait of a fly fisherman.  On a positive note, perhaps he was the one that got away that day!

Hope you had a peacefully, graceful Sunday.


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