A Little Halloween Fun

We are empty nesters so we don’t do much on Halloween. In fact, when we had our farm, we had no trick or treaters the entire 21 years that we lived there. So we are a bit rusty when it comes to participating in the spookiest night of the year!

This year we are in a new neighborhood with quite a few children so we thought it would be fun to join in and give out candy.  I decorated my porch for fall several weeks ago but I wanted to add something special just for Halloween.  Nothing too scary, just something fun.  The wicked witch legs are always fun. So that’s what I went with. 

A bit of drippy writing…with a tiny Jack O’Lantern face…(sorry about the glare, I put an acrylic sealer over the painting since it will be outside with variable temperatures for a week.)

Shiny boots and green bows and yellow and black stockings, oh my…

make for a fun little touch of Halloween.

Always time for a little fun. Happy Halloween.



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