Some Love Thoughts for Holy Week

We’ve been busy. Spouse is having back surgery this week and we have been traveling all over the place for pre-ops, checkups, and other fun things! The problem with living in a small rural town is having to travel so far to find the really, great specialist. Thankful that we found him, just wish he was closer!  Praying that this surgery will get Mr. Graceful back on his feet without being in so much pain.

I was browsing through Pinterest the other day.  I realized just how tired I am of bunnies, chicks and eggs everywhere. While I understand the symbolism and don’t really have a problem with it,  I fear too much of the cute stuff hides the real message that is Easter.  So, I put some thoughts on paper and then combined them with a photograph and thought I would share it with you. Sort of my Easter gift to you.

Wishing you the joy and love of Easter. If you don’t know Him, I hope you will seek Him.


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