It Has Been Awhile…

Time has a way of slipping away without the tiniest bit of fanfare.  There were the holidays–mine were great, hope yours were also–and then winter. Winter here has been warmer than normal and we have now discovered we have a monsoon season in Georgia.  It is truly odd and from what I understand that nasty little boy, El Nino, is to blame once again.  We have four or five days of relatively warm weather, highs in the mid to upper 60s and lows in the 50s accompanied by torrents of rain. These warm rainy days are followed by a few bitterly cold yet sunny days, followed by the warm and rainy days.  This has been the pattern since January.  It has everyone feeling rather soggy and a bit depressed. So, I shall blame the weather for me not being around and having no work to share.

I do have a few paintings from the fall that I could post but that would require photographs and I’m not up to it today. I’m recovering from some sort of cold/sinus/cough mess with the emphasis on cough. I seem to be on the mend but still not completely well.  I have posted a few things on Instagram so you might check there if you are interested.  Just follow the link.

I am usually a fan of winter.  I like the cold and I like snow even though I am affected by the lack of sunlight (SAD.) However, this crazy rainy season has  me longing for sunshine, warmth and spring.  So, I will leave you with some old photos of my Winter Jasmine some years ago at our farm. It was always such a delightful breath of spring in the middle of winter and always made me smile,  as the photos do now.  I hope they bring a smile  and the hope of spring to you today.

_IGP9016.JPG_23 10x10 w logo and frame


_IGP9016.JPG_15 12x12 single flower

Wishing for you to have warmth, sun, happiness, health with God’s amazing grace and unending love over your life. Until later…



2 thoughts on “It Has Been Awhile…

    1. Thank you, dearest Lynn! I have enjoyed your short posts throughout the winter and your beautiful paintings. I know you are busy, busy and wish I would get that way! Haha! Thanks so much for dropping by. Love you! XO


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