Monday’s Favorites of The Week

Thursday's Favorites of the Week is now Monday's Favorites of the Week.¬†Each week I will feature a number of items on my Favorites of the Week page. It might be 8 favorites or it might be 28. All or a portion of those items will be featured on the Home page on Mondays. The favorites … Continue reading Monday’s Favorites of The Week

Whatever! Wednesday – Random

I've been trying to get here to post Whatever! all day but a gazillion things have been in my way. First off, my Ellie (yorkie) wanted attention and since she thinks she has been neglected lately, I decided to spend a bit of time playing with her. I am so proud of her. I finally … Continue reading Whatever! Wednesday – Random

Thursday’s Favorites of the Week

This week's favorites from Etsy. You can also see these favorites on Etsy in this Treasury and this Treasury. Click on each item for more information.Love,Love,Love Lime EtsyNameSpace.Mini(5915853, 'favorites','thumbnail',4,4).renderIframe();Isn't It Romantic EtsyNameSpace.Mini(6478338, 'favorites','thumbnail',4,4).renderIframe();Please come back tomorrow for Fingerprint Friday! Please note, these collections are not static, they are revolving displays based on my current 16 … Continue reading Thursday’s Favorites of the Week