Thanksgiving Printable

Halloween is history and Thanksgiving is just around the corner. Let's please not talk about Christmas just yet. Ha.  It's time to move from goblins and princesses to thinking of pumpkin pie and turkey but most of all it's that time of year when we start thinking of all the things for which we are … Continue reading Thanksgiving Printable

Veteran’s Day and Remembering My Mom Repost

I've never repeated an old post before but I didn't want Veteran's Day to go by without thanking all those who have and are serving our country in the military and I didn't want the four year anniversary of my mother's leaving the earth to go unacknowledged. I don't have time to write anything new … Continue reading Veteran’s Day and Remembering My Mom Repost

Sunday Leftovers – Yielding to God Sharing Our Testimony

SUNDAY LEFTOVERS:  This is not about food. Think of it as a doggie bag filled with the essence of  a Sunday Sermon. It might be something that stood out to me that I want to investigate further, something I might need to work on in my life, or maybe just an uplifting quote that is … Continue reading Sunday Leftovers – Yielding to God Sharing Our Testimony

Favorites of the Week – Sand and Sea Beach House Musings

I took a different approach with my Thursday Favorites of the Week today. I decided to use Kaboodle to pull together a styleboard of my Etsy favorites instead of using the Etsy favorites tag. These are still tagged as favorite items on Etsy and will appear on my Favorites of the Week page until next … Continue reading Favorites of the Week – Sand and Sea Beach House Musings

Thursday’s Favorites of the Week

This week's favorites from Etsy. You can also see these favorites on Etsy in this Treasury and this Treasury. Click on each item for more information.Love,Love,Love Lime EtsyNameSpace.Mini(5915853, 'favorites','thumbnail',4,4).renderIframe();Isn't It Romantic EtsyNameSpace.Mini(6478338, 'favorites','thumbnail',4,4).renderIframe();Please come back tomorrow for Fingerprint Friday! Please note, these collections are not static, they are revolving displays based on my current 16 … Continue reading Thursday’s Favorites of the Week

Timeless Tuesday

Welcome to my first Timeless Tuesday post.  Each Tuesday, I will be featuring something that is timeless, with classic lines or features that will assure it a place in history. Something that  is practically guaranteed to never go out of style...could be a car,  a dress, jewelry, architecture...or even something new that is going to … Continue reading Timeless Tuesday