A New Look

It seemed like time to change things up a bit.

Change is good.
So I have a new look on my blog.
I think it looks crisp and fresh.
Hope you like it.
I think I do…I have to live with things for awhile to be sure.
So it might change again.
In a day or two. Maybe a tweak here or there.
We’ll just have to wait and see.
Let me know what you think.
Feedback is good.
Be honest.
It won’t hurt my feelings.
I Promise.
In the meantime, here’s another photo I thought you might enjoy.
It’s my sweet Ellie girl.

She’s saying, “Mom, let’s play soccer…please”

I toss the ball and she bounces it off her nose back to me.
How can you turn down that look?
I can’t. Gotta go play soccer with the baby.
Remember to let me know about the new look.

11 thoughts on “A New Look

  1. I like the new look, especially the photos at the top. They are very calming, and of course beautiful, and I'm drawn to them, being a nature girl. I am not too fond of the red bows, just a little too frilly for me. And I love little Ellie's face… so so cute!


  2. Okay, I slept on the layout and I agreed with Rebecca the bows had to go. This is my newest and hopefully last change for a while. I've been trying out backgrounds all day and I think the black might be it. I still want your feedback though!


  3. First impressions of the 4 photos at the top – WONDERFUL! I love the contrast of the colors that pop out at you.

    The Blacks sides add just the right accent too.

    Hey – thanks for putting my Red Poncho as a Favorite of yours! I'm delighted!

    Joy at JoyfulHandKnits.etsy.com


  4. Those are absolutely gorgeous photos at the top – what a great way to make a first impression! I'm not usually too fond of music on blogs/sites, but the music here is nice & calming – lovely 🙂


  5. Love the photos at the top =) Very nice! I like clean and crisp looks for a blog and I appreciate the light panel where your text is. *sigh* I am not fond of music on blogs – sorry! It's more of a download isssue – the music usually makes my computer crash because I have a slightly slower download speed. Also, sometimes I am already listening to music… Ellie is ABSOLUTELY adorable! what a cutie! Noone could resist that plea to play!


  6. I definitely like the black better than what you had before. The motif kind of goes with the tree photos, too, but I almost would rather see plain. But this is easier on the eyes than the bows. And by the way… check your subtitle… you're missing something!


  7. Thanks Rebecca! It is amazing how many times you can look at something trying to be sure it's right and still miss something. I like to think it's God's way of keeping us humble! Thanks for the catch. Had to redo the entire heading to fix it.


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