I have to share this story because it is amazing.

Beki at The Rusted Chain (previously PamperingBeki,) offered to donate $10.00 of each sale of her BLESSED necklace to Compassion International. As of today, she has donated a huge amount for those in Haiti!

What a wonderful thing to do.
Of course, she had no idea that the response would be so huge.
So, those who bought the necklace can truly feel blessed for having donated to a wonderful cause and in the meantime, Beki is hammering out one Blessed necklace at a time…that’s a lot of hammering, a lot of shipping and a lot of time for a wife and mom with 3 kids and a business to run.

Read her original post here.
Read her Fingerprint Friday update here.
Read her latest update here.
Buy the Blessed necklace here.
Beki, said the offer was good until she didn’t know when….
a lesser person would have said, that’s enough…
but not Beki…
not yet…
it is already more than any of us expected and when she says that’s enough…
we can be sure it’s enough.
Beki, thanks for being His hands and feet as you hammer, package and ship.
With every tap of the hammer, I can just hear Him saying…
good and faithful servant,
good and faithful servant,
good and faithful servant….
Go help her be His hands and feet…buy your Blessed necklace today.

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