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I had been admiring the vintage quilt snippets found in the WordzofLife Etsy shop for quite a while, wondering what I might do with a little snippet from Jeanette’s lovely shop. Then I got an idea for a grouping of the hearts in one of my guest rooms, so I ordered three snippets with the words, Grace, Love and Faith.  I was so excited to get them. Aren’t they adorable?
I started playing with ideas for how to use them. I decided they needed a frame. So my first idea was to hang them with ribbon on the wall and place a photo frame around them.  Not quite what I was looking for. Thats when I decided to actually frame them under glass. I had a really delicate 9×12 frame that I thought would be perfect.  So I cut some cardboard to fit the frame and then glued a sheet of decorative paper over the board. 

It looked pretty good. See the little cards attached to the hearts? Each heart comes with a  paper heart attached and a verse from the Bible that relates to the word on the heart. I  knew that I wanted to use the Bible verses with the hearts but wasn’t quite satisfied with this arrangement or with the background, so I decided to add some ribbon. I wrapped the ribbon around the backing and secured each wrap with a straight pin.

I really like the way this looked. All was well until I started looking in my glass stacks for a 9×12 piece of glass. No luck. Hmmmm. I was really determined not to buy anything for this project. So back to the drawing board. I finally found everything I needed:

I found this wooden ivory frame that I bought awhile back at Hobby Lobby.  The only problem was that it was an 8×10.  Additionally, the way the frame was made required a piece of backing a bit thinner than the one I had already cut. So I cut a thinner piece of cardboard to 8×10. I didn’t have any more of the decorative paper I had used for the 9×12 board. I found a different background paper in a wallpaper book (bought 3 of them at a yard sale last summer.) It turns out that I really liked the new paper much better. It has horizontal stripes in pastel blue, pink and green that are the same colors in the hearts.

I undid all of the ribbon from the original board and put it on the new board. It took 15 feet of ribbon to wrap the board front and back.  I used straight pins to attach the hearts to the board because I did not want to use anything that might damage the hearts or permanently attach them to the backing.

I removed the Bible verse cards from the hearts and tucked one corner of each behind one of the ribbons to hold them in place.   Here is the finished product. I think it looks great.

Notice the heart in the middle at the bottom. It is slightly askew. I left it this way. I think it adds to the charm. Plus, I didn’t want to undo everything to straighten it. It is a lesson in not being a perfectionist. 

Here is the bedroom where it will hang on the wall or sit on one of the dressers…I haven’t decided that yet.  

Be sure to visit WordzofLife and check out her large collection of vintage quilt hearts and other lovely items.  Oh, and let me know what you think about my project. Thanks.

11 thoughts on “Project with Wordz

  1. Wow, Vicki! Thanks so much for sharing this with all of us! It turned out LOVELY! And I love that you left the one snippet “askew”. That's how I feel about the hearts while I cut them out, some look way more perfect than others, but I like it that way. Not one of us is perfect; we are all different, and unique and that's a good thing! Blessings upon blessings on you, my sister in Christ! ♥


  2. Lovely idea – it looks great. I like the off centre effect. I find complete symetry annoying in pictures. I'm sure your guests will love it!

    Silk N Style


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