Whatever! Wednesday – Part 2

What a whatever! day.  After the doctor’s office, I had to come home take out the fur babies, rest a bit and then go to the grocery store. I hate to complain about going to the grocery store because I am sincerely thankful that I have the money to buy groceries, so I will just say that it is one of my least favorite chores. I particularly don’t care for this chore if it entails going to Wally World. Rather than make several stops when we need cleaning products, paper towels, the heavy stuff, like laundry detergent, soft drinks, etc. I simply go to Wally World to get whatever we need.   I don’t even mind the blocked aisles, where families of  twelve are discussing the merits of buying a particular kind of ice cream, the six old friends who are congregated in the produce section talking about the good old days and blocking the fruit counter, or the store employee who has his drink pallet blocking the soft drinks I need.  No, the part I hate is really after the shopping is done. You know,  getting them out of  the cart and on to the conveyor belt counter, then off the little plastic bag carousel and back into the cart. Then getting the cart to the car without getting run down in the crosswalk.  (Just so you know, it was 97 degrees + the heat from the asphalt….but I am not whining about the heat…just in case you thought I was…remember I do not whine about heat.) After I find the car, I throw my handbag (feels like a suitcase by now)  into the trunk, throw the keys into my handbag, carefully throw groceries into trunk, making sure I don’t smash the fruit under the potatoes, etc.  Get it all in, grab my handbag,  reach for the keys which should be right on top but are not. Search bag, search trunk, search bag again, search trunk again, wipe sweat off my glasses and out of my eyes so I can see.  (Did I mention it is like 110 degrees out there?) Take a deep breath, take everything out of handbag, find keys in the bottom corner. (Now how do keys that you just threw in on top of everything else in your bag, work their way to the bottom corner of the bag when the bag has not been moved?)  Slam trunk, take cart to cart return. Get in car, start car, feel hot air blowing in my face, look at thermometer that is registering  102 degrees outside temp, take a swig from the water bottle that I left in the car and which is amazingly only moderately warm and try not to think about the urban legends about harmful chemicals leaching into my water from the plastic bottle. Start to back out, only to find there are 15 people spread out across the middle of the parking lane, walking  at the speed of a tortoise who has a broken foot. Smile, nod, let them know I see them and won’t run them down. Finally, they get out of the way, I back out and drive away. Listen to Third Day on the way home to get myself in a better mood.  I get home, grab some bags from trunk, unlock the door, throw down bags, pet dog that is dancing around my ankles and trying to communicate that I am a bad, bad mommy for leaving her alone so long, make four trips to the car with dog dancing around my feet, go back, close the garage door and go into the house to begin the exciting job of putting away the groceries. I am exhausted, dripping wet from the lovely heat and now have two dogs dancing around my feet, telling me that are hungry, it’s past their feeding time and they both need to go potty. So, I take them out, finish putting away the groceries, feed the dogs, change clothes and go outside and jump in the pool which is about 95 degrees and take a nice warm bath under the big blue sky. Life is good.

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