Thursday’s Favorites – Vintage Birds and Bees

Today’s featured favorites are Vintage items depicting birds and bees. While looking for my favorites among the hundreds of choices that came up on Etsy’s search screens, I found so many great book plates, honey pots, pieces of jewelry but narrowed it down to these as my top favorites of the day. Be sure to check out my Favorites of the Week page. I will be updating it with these and other great favorites from Etsy this evening and tomorrow, so stop by and visit sometime between today and next Thursday. If you should purchase any of the items that are in my Thursday Favorites or Favorites of the Week, I would really love it if you would let the seller know that you saw the item on my blog. Thanks!

1937 John James Audubon book plate $3.00 InkPainter
I think this book plate is so beautiful with its deep reds and sage greens and grays.  This is a large book plate at approximately 10 3/4 x 8 1/2.  I love it so much that it might be gone before I publish this post. This Etsy shop has a massive selection of book plates, bottle caps, prints, etc. He also has a large selection of beautiful 3×6 flash cards from the 60’s, but if you are interested in the flash cards, I must warn you that they are intermingled with old playing cards, a good many of which depict nude females. You can ignore them as I did–I just didn’t want you to be surprised as I was. 
1843 Honey Drainer, Fumigating Pipe, Feeding Trough . Antique Entomology Bee Print - original hand coloured old art engraving
1843 Honey Drainer Fumigating Pipe Book Plate $24.95 Slinky Malinky Cat’s 

Know any beekeepers? I do, and I bet they would love this or any of the other great
beekeeping 19th Century book plates which can be found in this shop.

Add a simple but beautiful frame and you will have a wonderful gift! 

Vintage Belleek of Ireland Swan Creamer
,Vintage Belleek of Ireland Swan Creamer $38.00 Indie City Vintage
This graceful creamer measues 4.5″ x 3.5.”  I  like the creamy yellow
of the wings and the lovely flowing lines of the neck and eye of
this small piece. The mark on this piece dates it to  1965-1981

Bee Skep Honey Pot - Vintage Ceramic Table Honey Server
Vintage Bee Skep Honey Pot $24.00 Studio StebbyLee
What a honey of a pot! How cute is this? A sweet little 5 inch high honey pot.
Dates from the 1930’s and is in good vintage condition with no cracks or chips
according to the seller. There is some crazing and mild discoloration
 but I personally find that appealing, especially on a piece of this age. 
1930s Color Plate of the Green Heron and the Black-Crowned Night Heron.
1930’s Color Plate  only $7.95 From Lanie’s Loft
I think this would be so beautiful, framed with a ivory mat in a silver finished bamboo frame
and maybe paired with  one of the other beautiful book plates that you
will find in this great shop.
Vintage Bee Brooch with Swarovski Crystals
Vintage Bee Brooch  $40.00 From MyShiningLights
I have never seen a more beautiful bee, at least in silver plate with
 beautiful turquoise and Aurora Borealis blue Swarovski Crystals. I’m not usually
a huge fan of “insect” or “bug” jewelry, but I am making an exception for this lovely piece.

I hope you enjoyed these favorites. Stop in tomorrow for Fingerprint Friday.

Note: All opinions expressed here are my own, based on the photographs and descriptions of the items provided by the shopkeepers. I use the seller’s descriptions for information and cannot be held responsible for the accuracy of that information. These items were chosen by me because I like them and I have not and will not receive any financial gain from displaying them and featuring them in my blog. For additional disclosures, see my About page.

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